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Shusin (pronounced shoo-SEEN) was once an independent nation before being conquered by the Carthaki Empire. Shusin was still independent in the middle of the 3rd Century HE, but was conquered by Carthak prior to 308 HE.[1] It is part of the Southern Lands, along with Amar, Apal, Carthak, Ekallatum, Siraj, Yamut, and Zallara.[2]

Shusin is located south and east of Amar and Apal. The province is ruled by a governor appointed by the emperor.[3]

Princess Fazia bought her son, Prince Kaddar, a magical bracelet from a Shusini mage that protected him from drugs and poison in his food, turning it harmless even if he eats them. Kaddar thinks that she sold family heirlooms to pay for the bracelet, but he never asked because it saved his life five times.[4]

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