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Shhasow was a Port Caynn dust spinner on a back corner of Tradesmen's kennel. Rebakah Cooper first noticed her on the night she, Clara Goodwin and Nestor Haryse went to the kennel to speak to Durant Elkes and Beka came back the next day to communicate with Shhasow. Then she noticed a strange behavior with this female spinner. Where they normally only changed form in a matter of days she was constantly rising and falling between six feet of height and four feet. She had caught all the noises from the kennel's torturing room, the screams, pleading and agony, which was more of a burden than normal conversation.[1]

From Shhasow Beka gathered that Zolaika was regularly at the kennel, pressumably to dispose of unwanted witnesses. And of course she also heard the cage Dogs Shales and Anglesea. Before departing Beka gave Shhasow a gift of dirt from the Common in Corus.[2]

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