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The Sheepmire Tavern is situated in the Lower City of Corus, on Spindle Lane in the Cesspool near the North Gate[1]. The tavern is half built of timber, half of stone. It has a chicken coop, a stable and seven sheds.[2] Some of these sheds were used by the Rogue Kayfer Deerborn for storage. Normally the sheds aren't searched by the Provost's Guard because of this.

Rebakah Cooper chased Orva Ashmiller to the tavern in early April of 246 HE and arrested her in front of the tavern.

Yates Noll and three other men hid in one of the sheds with Herun Lofts in early May of 246 HE. Yates committed suicide before he could be arrested by the Provost's Guard. When Tunstall took one of the tavern's horses the landlord tried to protest but was silenced by Tunstall with the comment that he could as well be arrested for sheltering wanted men.[3]

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