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Shales was a Guardswoman in Port Caynn in the third century of the Human Era. Around 237 HE she had been working as a street Dog in Gauntlet District, where she served along with Nestor Haryse[1]. By September of 247 HE she was working at the Tradesmen's kennel and was partnered with Anglesea. She skilled in interrogation. As a cage Dog she was on duty the night Durant Elkes was arrested and questioned for possessing false coins. Like most cage Dogs she was shaved and worked only in loincloth and breastband, because questioning was hot work.[2] Shales had two little boys, who were the reason why she became a cage Dog, because this work was saver than being a street Dog.[1] From Shhasow Rebakah Cooper also learnt that Shales had hit one of her boys at least once because "he wouldn't stop whinin' for [her] to tell 'im a story"[3].

She only appears as a minor character once in Bloodhound.

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