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The serial murders of 1039 took place in Summersea, Emelan in 1039 KF. The perpetrators were Nurhar Dihanur, his wife Alzena, and a young unmage.


House Dihanur and House Rokat were in a bitter blood feud. The Dihanurs sent assassins to kill every Rokat that existed, regardless of age and gender. The revenge was in retaliation after one of the Rokats killed Palaq Dihanur, the patriarch of their clan, severed his head and displayed it in a public place.

Capture and death

The Dihanur perpetrators and the unmage were captured using an unmagic net woven by Sandrilene fa Toren, an ambient thread mage who had the rare power to weave magic. It was the originally the plan to catch them and put them to trial, but Alzena grabbed Pasco Acalon and threatened to kill him if Sandry did not release them. Thus, Sandry was forced to kill them using the unmagic net in order to rescue Pasco.

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