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Serial killings
General Information
Place of occurrence Chammur
Beginning date
Date of completion
Length of event
Notable fighters
Weapons used
Notable fighters
Weapons used
Crime Information
Perpetrator(s) Zenadia doa Attaneh; The Mute & Ubayid (accomplices)
Investigators Kemit doen Polumri (The Head of the Watch)
Victims Members of the Watch, former Vipers
Motive To silence the Watch and to punish children from the streets
Weapons used
Captured by Briar Moss (destroyed her house)
Sentence Committed suicide before trial
Illness informtation
Caused by
Researched by
Bibliographical information
Circle Universe event
Event in Street Magic

A series of murders took place in Chammur, a city on the eastern border of Sotat, in 1039 KF. The perpetrator was Zenadia doa Attaneh, a powerful and wealthy Chammuran noblewoman. She committed suicide in order to avoid arrest. The murders were very closely connected to the gang warfare going on at the same time. Her worst crime was the infanticide she committed against children without privilege.


Lady Zenadia wanted her life private from the prying eyes of the Watch, and had several of the people posted near her on Crescent Rim brutally strangled.

Her motive when killing the street children was to teach them a lesson and to punish them for their failures. She knew especially that she would get away with it as the wealthy and powerful Chammurans wouldn't care about a few missing street kids.


The Mute would strangle the victims and allow the corpse to rot, becoming fertilizer for Lady Zenadia's gardens.

She had several victims, many of whom were members of the police force, some of whom were street kids, like Orlana and Sajiv. After having a child killed, she would have the servants change the tiles.


The mutabir himself, Kemit doen Polumri, wanted to get to the bottom of his missing Watch. He approached Briar Moss, the interim instructor of Evumeimei Dingzai, saying that he wanted Evvy to become a spy in Zenadia's house and to report to him. Briar staunchly refused, saying that Evvy was just a child, and that if fullgrown men were not safe spying on Zenadia, then Evvy would not be as well.

Perpetrator's suicide

When Briar and Evvy destroyed Zenadia's spacious home, they caught her in her rooms. She scolded them for acting like children and destroying things in their paths. When they threatened her with arrest, she laughed at them at first, saying that no one cares about the children of the streets when compared to a woman who is the amir's aunt. Briar brought up the missing Watch, and wondering aloud if Zenadia's family would stand by such a notorious woman who killed members of the police force.

Zenadia killed herself using poison in order to avoid that fate, keeping her family's dignity intact[1].

Notes and references

  1. Street Magic, final chapters

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