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Scrap, along with Blueness, was one of the cats Daine used to explore the castle of Dunlath in Wolf-Speaker. She is a black cat with a white bib, who is "not far out of kittenhood". She allowed Daine to ride along with her while she explored the castle looking for information that would assist Daine. Tamora Pierce based Scrap on a cat she owned while writing Wolf-Speaker.

Role in Wolf-Speaker

Daine initially discovers Scrap and Blueness with her magic while feeling about for animals suited to spying inside the castle. When asked if Daine could ride along with him, Blueness instead suggests Scrap, noting that she is smaller. Riding with Scrap, Daine discovers the Dunlathian mages' bloodrain potion, and their plans for using it to kill Alanna's reinforcements from Corus. Later, the two cats lead Daine to the mages' workrooms, and then to the tower where the model of Dunlath valley and the cauldron of bloodrain are being kept. Scrap then helps Daine realize there is a Coldfang in the tower, and is killed while attempting to distract it from her. After Daine kills the Coldfang, she asks the Badger god to resurrect Scrap, saying that if she had never been brought to Dunlath by the animal gods, she would still be alive. Old White responds, telling Queenclaw it's her responsibility. Queenclaw gladly grants Daine's prayer, and restores Scrap to life.


Blueness describes Scrap as "inquisitive, even for a kitten". She has an impatient temperament, and envies Kitten's ability to open locks. She loves Blueness, and considers him the most handsome tom she's ever seen. At the end of Daine's stay, both cats have become good friends with Kitten.

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