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Scanran War
General Information
Type War
Place of occurrence Scanran border
Beginning date April, 460 HE (war declared)
Date of completion 464 HE
Length of event 4 years
Belligerents Tortall vs. Scanra
Strongholds Northwatch Fortress
Fort Steadfast
Fort Giantkiller (fell early 460)
Fort Mastiff (Lord Wyldon's headquarters)
Commanders Vanget haMinch
Wyldon of Cavall
Raoul of Goldenlake
Notable fighters Keladry of Mindelan (succeeded in killing Blayce the Gallan)
Alanna the Lioness
Nealan of Queenscove (aided Kel in rescuing her)
Weapons used Regular melee weapons
Status Defender
Strongholds Hamrkeng
Castle Rathhausak
Commanders Maggur Rathhausak
Notable fighters Stenmun Fodeben
Weapons used Killing Devices
Status Instigator
Crime Information
Weapons used
Captured by
Illness informtation
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Bibliographical information
Tortallan Universe event
Event in Lady Knight

The Scanran War was waged between Tortall and Scanra. It unofficially began in the late 450s HE with small skirmishes and raids at the borderlines[1]. It was before the declaration of war when the Scanrans first began to use killing devices[2], which were metal monsters. War was officially declared in 460 HE when Maggur Rathhausak, the new King of Scanra, allied many of the Scanran clans by use of hostages. Jonathan IV of Conté, the King of Tortall, was forced to respond to increasing violence and hostility at the border with war. The killing devices were employed throughout 460 HE, until Keladry of Mindelan killed Blayce the Gallan in mid-June of 460[3].

Even after Blayce's death, the war continued for the next two years in various smaller fights—the hill country wasn't the best terrain for real battles—and didn't end until spring of 463 HE[4]. Maggur had trouble keeping the Scanrans together without Blayce. [5]

Countries Involved


Scanra was the instigator of the war. Their forces were led primarily by Maggur Rathhausak, the warlord who studied battle strategy in universities and with actual armies. He shaped up the Scanran raiders so they actually acted like warriors. They operated in smaller raiding bands in mountain and forest country, attacking fortified towns and army bases. In battles with the larger army, they came en masse with many killing devices[6].

Weapons Used

The Scanrans' main mass-killing weapons were killing devices. They were metal monsters made by Blayce the Gallan from the souls of dead children. They were made of steel and bone, and they were strong. Their arms were knives and other weapons.


The Scanrans most likely had many strongholds and forts to house soldiers and artillery. There is only one of them that was known to the Tortallans.

  • Fief Rathhausak—the old ancestral home of King Maggur, and the main stronghold for Blayce the Gallan, who made all of the killing devices there.
  • Hamrkeng, the capital of Scanra and the main stronghold and base for Maggur Rathhausak


The head of the Northern armies was Vanget haMinch, the famed General from the warrior noble clan, the Minchis.


Unlike the Immortals War, Tortall did not have any alliances with other countries. It fought the Scanrans with its own forces (as far as we know). Because of the marital alliance with the Yamani Islands, the Yamani emperor might have sent troops, but this was never stated nor remarked upon in the books.

Weapons Used

The Tortallans did not have the advantage when it came to weaponry. As Maggur used killing devices, all they had were simple weapons and soldiers. They did manage to hold their own, at least by not losing the war, while the killing devices were still in use before the death of Blayce the Gallan.


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Commanding officers

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Until May/June of 460, there were really no actual battles between the Tortallans and the Scanrans, only small skirmishes. The Scanrans used killing devices, which were very destructive, taking the advantage in these fights. The threat was pressing enough for King Jonathan IV to send newly made knights to the front, and for General Vanget to make full use of his armies and fighting forces. The Scanrans raided many villages—like Goatstrack—and Tortallans had to get refugees to safer and protected areas. Haven was the only refugee camp mentioned, but there were probably many more along the border. Wyldon of Cavall said that there was no safe zone within 100 miles of the border, and even a commander of a refugee camp would see combat[9].

First Haven attack

The first attack occurred just after the new refugees from Tirrsmont arrived. Keladry of Mindelan had been teaching the civilians how to defend themselves, so they were more prepared for an attack than they would have been if the Scanrans attacked first thing. The ravens and jays cried the alarm, as Daine trained them to do, so they could arm up. Fanche Weir and Saefas Ploughman went to rally the civilian archers, and Kel dealt with the army and convict forces. Merric of Hollyrose took two squads of men to meet the enemy as they were coming in from Giantkiller Road along the Greenwoods River. The Scanrans charged the camp, only a third of them on horseback. Kel met the enemy outside of the gates, and she and Peachblossom killed a few. It was Numair Salmalín, however, who told her to retreat, as he used his magic to create a small earthquake. After they won the battle, Kel went to bury the Scanran dead[10].

Fall of Giantkiller

The Scanrans attacked Fort Giantkiller the same day Haven was first attacked. The Scanrans laid siege on the fort and use killing devices and a battering ram. Veralidaine Sarrasri did her best to warn Lord Wyldon, but by the time anyone arrived, the fort was completely destroyed[11].

Battle of the Vassa Plain

After the fall of Fort Giantkiller, Vanget haMinch defeated about three thousand of the enemy on April 28th, 460 HE. He lost about 98 men—almost the size of an entire company—during the onslaught. While retreating, the Scanrans gave chase and broke formation, giving the Tortallans reason to turn course and hack them up[11].

(not finished, will add description of first attack of Haven, and Haven's destruction)

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