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Type Country
Location North of Tortall, West of Galla, East borders Emerald Ocean
Size Vast
Terrain Rocky, coastline, lowland/plains (unknown other terrain)
Climate Cold
Bodies of water Vassa River
Pakkai River
Marine Life
Location Information
Established Unknown
Official Language Scanran
Common Eastern
Religious Head
Residents The Scanrans
Religion Main Pantheon
Patron God
Law Enforcement
Major Events
Capital Hamrkeng
Port Cities
Major Cities
Major Roads
Notable Buildings
Government Feudal clans
Head of State Maggur Rathhausak (from late 450s HE to 464 HE)
Main Industry Furs, mining?
Trade Partners
Bibliographical information
Tortallan Universe place
First Mentioned Alanna: The First Adventure
First Appeared '
Latest Appearance '
Last Appeared '
Only Appearance Lady Knight
Last Mentioned Terrier
Only Mentioned '

Scanra (pronounced SKAN-rah) is a country in the Tortallan Universe.


Location and climate

Scanra is located to the north of Tortall. It borders the Emerald Ocean to the west, Tortall to the south, and Galla to the southeast. It is very cold and rocky and only very little of it can be farmed[1].

Landforms and bodies of water

The Vassa River marks the border between Tortall and Scanra. The Pakkai River is located in a more central area of Scanra and cuts through Fief Rathhausak. Both rivers are known for being very cold. The River Drell marks the border to Galla.



Scanra is separated by clans and warlords. Very few kings remain in power for long before they are dethroned and executed, which is why the Scanran throne is nicknamed "The Bloody Throne".

Head of state and councils

The clan with the most power rules, but that changes very easily in Scanra's history. Maggur Rathhausak, a man of the lesser nobility of Scanra, took power in the late 450s HE. It follows the Code of Ten like many other countries of the Eastern Lands, but is less serious about them.

Council of Ten/Great Council

After the Scanran Council of Ten was disbanded during the Immortals War, it was replaced by the Great Council. The council sent Inar Hadensra to spy on Tortall.[2]

Laws and practices

Slavery is a common practice in Scanra, but it depends on the wealth of the people. Owning slaves signifies someone of higher status both financially and militarily, as warriors took slaves in raids. Members of the lesser classes of Scanra are not usually able to hold slaves, simply because of poverty.

Slavery was still a practice in the 460s HE and was encouraged by King Maggur. The Haven adults who were captured were to be sold into slavery in Scanra[3].

International relations

Scanra has had a historically poor relationship with its bordering countries, because of the raiders and pirates who scour the people from those countries. Scanra did ally itself with Ozorne Tasikhe and the Copper Isles during the Immortals War, but it is not believed that their relationship was that strong with their allies.

Scanra was often a cause of trouble for its southern neighbor, Tortall. The Scanran War in the early 460s HE was one of such trouble spots. At that time Maggur Rathhausak was king with Blayce the Gallan as a mage helping his strategy by producing killing devices, which caused great losses to the Tortallan forces. After the death of Blayce the Tortallans eventually won the war.


Scanra is very poor by itself, as farming is not on option. There have been multiple famines in Scanra throughout history, including in the 200s HE. Therefore, people gain most of their wealth through raids.

History and events

200s HE

The food situation in the country was bad enough that Scanra's citizens had troubles feeding themselves in the third century of the Human Era. Thus some left for other countries, hoping that live there would be better, among them Rosto the Piper, Aniki Forfrysning and Koramin Ingensra[4].

400s HE

  • Late 450s and early 60s: Instigators of the Scanran War. Lost.



Scanrans are masters of the sea and feared pirates. They both raid by water and by land[1].


Scanra only appears in Lady Knight but is mentioned in several other books set in the Tortallan Universe before and after its appearance.


The Scanrans are possibly based on medieval Nordics. The name Scanra is not far from the word Scandinavia, used to describe a number of the Nordic countries as a unit. In fact, Aniki Forfrysning's last name is a proper noun in Denmark, of one of the Scandinavian countries. It means "frostbite".

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