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Saefas Ploughman (pronounced SEE-fuss) was a refugee of the Scanran War who first appeared in Lady Knight.


Saefas was a trapper who lived in an unspecified part of northern Tortall and was made a refugee. He came to live at Fort Giantkiller sometime before April of 460 HE with the Goatstrack refugees, where, in early April, he and they met Keladry of Mindelan. Saefas personally met Kel, and seemed to like her, informing her that Owen of Jesslaw had mentioned her to him.

Saefas' group left Giantkiller soon after meeting Kel, and were the first of the refugee groups to arrive at Haven. He was one of the adults that were taken for slaves by the Scanrans that attacked Haven in May of 460 H.E. When Kel and her group rescued the refugees, Saefas had a whip wheal across his face, and some on his back. Saefas, along with Fanche, insisted upon coming with Kel to rescue the camp's stolen children.

He survived the battle at Fief Rathhausak, though he was injured, and made it safely back to Tortall. He presumably came to live at New Hope, though he was not mentioned.

Personality and Traits

Saefas was very kind and easygoing. He supported Kel as commander of Haven, and made it clear from the start that he had faith in her when few of the other refugees did until later.

Physical Description

Saefas was described as being shorter than Kel, who was five feet, ten inches tall. He had blue eyes, and his ears stuck out. His hair was brown, but was coming out in clumps as he balded. He had deep crows' feet and was also described as 'weathered'. When Kel first met him, he was unshaven. It was additionally noted that, like all the refugees, the clothes he wore would have fit someone rather larger, implying that he had lost weight recently.

Personal Relationships

Saefas courted Fanche for over a year, and though she plainly had affection for him, it was never made clear whether they married.

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