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Russet was a wolf in the Long Lake pack who appeared In Wolf-Speaker. He was one of Brokefang's best travelers, who went to find Daine when trouble started at Fief Dunlath. Brokefang wasnted Russet to bring Daine to him so that she could speak for the pack. 

Russet was curious why Skysong was sad and turning gray, which was her sulking color, so he tried to help her feel better by trotting over and pawing the rocks she was playing with. For a little while, Russet stayed with Daine and Numair, the horses, the wolf pups, and Kitten, as other pack members went hunting. Russet was also one of the wolves who let Daine practice the next step in her wild magic, and he liked it enough to tell her thank you. He let Skysong ride on his back while the pack tried to grab every tree cutting tool their human enemies in Dunlath had used, and showed Daine where they were hiding the tools. 

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