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Rubinyan Jimajen
King of the Copper Isles
Style '
Start of Reign
Coronation Date
End of Reign
Tenure Late Spring of 463 HE until early Fall of 463
Co-monarch Imajane Rittevon
Regency Council
Predecessor Dunevon Rittevon
Heir Apparent
Heir Presumptive
Successor Dovasary Balitang
King's Champion
Prime Minister
Bequeathed by
Date Bequeathed
Prince Regent of the Isles
Style '
Tenure 462—463 HE
Royal Councillor[1]
Reigning Monarch King Oron
Liege Lord
Years of Service  ? — 462 HE
Biographical Information
Birth Name
Maiden Name
Honorific '
Died 463 HE
Race Luarin
Nationality Copper Islander
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Tall
Hair Balding
Family Information
Noble House Jimajen family
Ancestors Ludas Jimajen
Adoptive Parents
Siblings Bronau Jimajen(deceased)
Wife Unnamed woman (first wife)
Imajane Rittevon(second wife, deceased)
Children Varwick Jimajen (from first marriage)
Adoptive Children
Other Family King Oron(father-in-law, deceased)
Patron God
Rank Royalty
Nobility (former)
Residence Grey Palace
Bazhir Tribe
K'miri Tribe
Sponsored by
Sponsor to
Training Master
Knight Master
Year Knighted
Affiliation House Rittevon
Military Affiliation
Military Branch
Squad Leader Sergeant
Rider Group Group
Provost's Guard
Guard District
Guard Watch
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared Trickster's Choice
Last Appeared Trickster's Queen
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned '

Rubinyan Jimajen (pronounced roo-BIHN-yahn JIMH-ah-jehn) was King and co-ruler of the Copper Isles for a brief period during 463 HE. He reigned in concert with his wife, Queen Imajane, a member of the Rittevon Dynasty. He and his wife were succeeded by Dovasary Balitang—a kinswoman of Imajane's—after their deaths. Rubinyan was a member of the Jimajen family, a luarin noble house known for being cruel and ambitious. Prior to becoming king, Rubinyan served as regent for his brother in law King Dunevon, and was a non-royal prince of the Isles.


Early life

It is unknown when he was born. He was the older brother of Bronau Jimajen. When he was younger, Prince Rubinyan served in the armies with Mequen Balitang, and was good friends with the other man. He was married twice, and his first marriage yielded at least two sons, Varwick Jimajen being his oldest.[2] His second marriage was to the Rittevon princess, Imajane, the only surviving daughter of King Oron, and yielded no issue. He had a strained relationship with his brother, Prince Bronau, which Duke Mequen wrote off as being mostly due to temperament, not politics.[1]

Rise to prince regent

In 462 HE, King Oron died and named his heir to be Prince Hazarin, Imajane's half-brother. When King Hazarin died, he had named his heir as Dunevon Rittevon, his youngest surviving half-brother, with Rubinyan and Imajane as his regency council if Hazarin died before Dunevon was of age to rule. Hazarin died naturally of an apoplexy, but was pleased that folk would suspect Imajane of having him assassinated.[3] Hazarin greatly respected Rubinyan to be a man of taste, and admired him in everything but his choice of wives—as Hazarin despised his half-sister.

Rubinyan's brother, Bronau, tried desperately to claim power by attempting to kidnap King Dunevon. Bronau was caught before this could come to fruition and fled to Tanair, where the Balitang family was staying in their exile. Rubinyan and Imajane did not invite the Balitangs back from their exile, as they believed Bronau would come out of the woodwork there. After a fateful battle at Tanair, both Bronau and Duke Mequen were killed. After this, Rubinyan visited the family at Tanair personally and invited them back to Rajmuat with his sincerest apologies. He cared for Mequen deeply, so this did have an actual effect on him. Duchess Winnamine, Mequen's widow, accepted the invitation to return with her household and children, Sarai, Dove, Petranne, and Elsren Balitang, the latter who was the new Duke Balitang because of his father's death.[4]

The return of the Balitangs

The remaining Balitang family returned to Rajmuat in 463 HE. The royals held a party for them on their return with the hopes of adding Saraiyu Balitang to Imajane's host of ladies in waiting, and Elsren Balitang to King Dunevon's court of well-born young boys. Rubinyan's wife planned the welcoming back ceremony immediately so that the Balitangs would be humiliated in their country fashions, Imajane also banned mourning dress so that the regents would not have to openly mourn for King Hazarin, and because Imajane looked terrible in black. During the social event, Rubinyan backed his wife against Winnamine Balitang to have the two children at court. He and his wife first looked as if they would be successful in bullying Winnamine into accepting the court positions for her children, but Winna garnered the backing of some of the most powerful and wealthy luarin in the realm, forcing Rubinyan and Imajane to back down, or to offend very powerful people. Imajane still decreed that Elsren would have to travel daily to the Grey Palace to attend King Dunevon.

Trouble in the air

As regents, Rubinyan and Imajane struggled to put an end to the many slave uprisings and rebellions that began to occur at the start of the raka rebellion. There were several tax collectors that went missing over the course of the year. The Crown treasury, which was spread thin, could not handle that many requests for Crown troops.

Rubinyan and Imajane did notice that Saraiyu Balitang, the half-raka child of the late Duke Mequen was getting a lot of on-street attention. Alianne of Pirate's Swoop had been afraid that this attention would garner the suspicion of the regents. Before doing anything to end Sarai's life, the regents offered King Dunevon's hand in marriage to Sarai. A refusal an her part would have been a great insult to the Rittevons, and she was urged to respond cautiously and to weigh the options by her stepmother, great-aunt, and sister. Sarai instead eloped with Zaimid Hetnim, one of the imperial Carthaki healers who served under Emperor Kaddar. This greatly angered the regents, and the remaining Balitangs were forced to deal with that anger.

The regents then orchestrated the assassination of King Dunevon and the king's heir presumptive, Elsren Balitang, which would leave Imajane as the next in line for the throne. They planned a birthday outing for the king aboard the ship Rittevon, with Taybur Sibigat and some of the best seamen. They had Crown mages secretly concoct a storm for the outing, which was dubbed a ship-killer. The Rittevon reportedly came apart at the first wave, which made Taybur suspect that the regents had something to do with the death of the king.

They became co-rulers of the Copper Isles after the deaths of Dunevon and Elsren and their reign was even more shaky than when they were regents. More outbursts of rebellion came from the raka slaves. Rubinyan and Imajane had assassins go after Dove, the new candidate for the throne. Aly and the rest of Dove's guard successfully protected the family. Ulasim Dodeka knew that this would not be the last time they would hear from the Rittevons, and the raka conspiracy attacked the Grey Palace at dawn. Rubinyan was one of the soldiers and he killed Ulasim before being gutted himself. His wife committed suicide from her balcony.

Physical description

Rubinyan is described to be a tall man with a powerful presence and a receding hairline. Like his wife, he had no restraint in jewelry and wore rings on every finger to show his wealth. Because he knew his power, he did not wear the modest gold circlet that he was allowed due to his princely status, but he held himself as if he was crowned King.

Personality and traits

He is not the kindest person, although he is shown to have a genuine care for people, such as his feelings towards the late Mequen Balitang. He, like many other members of the luarin nobility, looked down upon the raka and treated them with cruelty. House Jimajen was known for being almost as corrupt and cruel in respect to the raka as House Rittevon, and he did inherit that elitist and racist outlook on other people.

He was also ambitious in the worst way possible, and conspired with his wife to have Dunevon and Duke Elsren assassinated while celebrating Dunevon's birthday aboard a ship. He was completely indifferent to the young king, and got annoyed with him easily. He did not feel an ounce of remorse after going through with the assassination, and he and his wife co-ruled the Isles for a brief period before being dethroned during the raka rebellion.

Rubinyan was incredibly greedy, even in the face of what he knew to be the right thing. When Imajane arrested Vurquan Nomru for giving her advice, Rubinyan was incensed, but did nothing to free the duke. Aly guessed that Rubinyan did this because he couldn't help but see Nomru's lands and money and want them for himself, as proven traitors' lands, titles, and riches could be confiscated by the Crown.

Titles and styles

  • Upon his birth: His Highness Prince[5] Rubinyan Jimajen[6]
  • 462 HE: His Highness The Prince Regent
  • 463 HE: His Majesty The King of the Copper Isles

Family tree

                                      Ludas Jimajen
                                         Unnamed man ┬ Unnamed woman
                                  │                                             │
      Unnamed first wife ┬ Rubinyan JimajenImajane Rittevon          Bronau Jimajen †  
                         │                  │
               Varwick Jimajen            No issue


Rubinyan appeared in Trickster's Choice and Trickster's Queen, and served as a major antagonist in the latter book.

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  5. Members of the Jimajen family have a non-royal princely title, so while his wife is a royal princess (Her Royal Highness), he is not a royal prince.
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