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The Royal Progress, or Grand Progress, was a large event designed to show the monarchs of a country to their people.

History of the event

In Tortall, it started with Jasson the Conqueror, who used the progress as a way to see his new lands and territories, and to beggar those who might rise against him by forcing them to host him and his court and to serve them large banquets. By the time King Jasson was done, the people would barely have enough money for handkerchiefs, let alone money to raise an army against the new regime.

During the time of King Jonathan IV, smaller progresses were used in order for the monarchs to acquaint themselves with their people, and also to beggar the noble families who committed treason at Jonathan's coronation, such as Fief Eldorne, and Fief Tirragen. After the Immortals War, King Jon used the custom on the new traitorous families, like Fief Sinthya.

Grand Progress of 457

The progress that took place from 457 to 459 HE was not a small event, but a huge one. It lasted for two years, which is more than twice the amount the usual progresses take. The main reason for it was to show Princess Shinkokami of the Yamani Islands to the people of Tortall, as the princess was betrothed to the Crown Prince.

The Progress was scheduled to take two years, but was cut short by hostilities with Scanra. It was a major event in Squire, the third volume of the Protector of the Small series.

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