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Roth is a fiefdom located in the Empire of Namorn. It is the home of the noble House of Roth. Members of the house are styled fer Roth, if male, and fa Roth, if female. It used to be an expansive holding, covering thousands of acres. Now, it is diminished, and holds around fifty. It is a ducal house, with the head of the family being styled as a giath, or a duke.


It is located near the mountains.

Members of House Roth

  1. Giath of Roth + Unnamed woman (the duchess)
    1. Pershan fer Roth and brothers
  2. Unnamed man (Shan's uncle)
  3. Unnamed man (Shan's uncle)

(there are probably more family members)

The family used to be exceedingly wealthy and powerful in the Empire. They used to have twenty seats on the Assembly, but have now been reduced to holding only one. Shan's father and uncles gambled the estate away, making the family impoverished.


The Roth estates never make an appearance in any of the books, but are mentioned in The Will of the Empress by Shan, Ambros fer Landreg, and Sandrilene fa Toren.

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