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The Roof of the World is a region far to the east of the Eastern Lands. It is marked by some of the highest mountains in world, and is home to the Doi tribespeople. The Roof touches Yamut in the Southern Lands at the east end of the Great Inland Sea.[1]

There are two main mountain passes in the Roof, Chitral Pass, where Alanna found the Dominion Jewel, and Lumuhu Pass.[2] The country of Sarain is separated from the Roof of the World by the M'kon River, on which lies the Fortress Wei, and Saren stronghold. Port Udayapur, a major port city on the Great Inland Sea, is located at the southern end of the Roof. To the northwest of the Roof lies the Frozen Desert, and Sarain lies directly to its west. It is not known what lies east of the Roof of the World.[3]

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