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Rollo is a guardsman in the Lower City of Corus in 246 HE. He has been working as a guardsman since 239 HE[1]. He is assigned to Jane Street kennel with Otelia as his partner. Their trainee since April 1, 246 is Verene[2], who dies just a month later on their watch. Rollo, too, dies on Beltane of 246 HE on their watch[1]. Both of them are killed in a fight with two Barzun sailors and three of Flash District's criminals[3]. His burial is the day after, on May 1, 246 HE[4], and Lord Gershom speaks in his honour.

Phelan describes him as being a fool[5].

He only appears as a minor character in Terrier and dies in the middle of the novel.

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