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The Rogue also known as the King of the Rogue or the King of Thieves is the leader of the law-breaking population in a kingdom.

Around 247 HE, there seem to be more than just one Rogue in Tortall, as Port Caynn for example has its own Rogue. This changes over the years and two centuries later the Rogue governs all the crooked population of Tortall.

The Rogue for Tortall typically lives in Corus, Tortall's capital, and exercises authority over all criminals in the city, and throughout the realm by his or her deputies.

A new Rogue is customarily chosen by combat. Anyone may challenge the current Rogue to a single combat to the death. If the challenger wins, they become the new Rogue.

The Rogue typically takes a percentage of all the takings of theft in their domain, and protects their people.

Rogues of Tortall

Rogues in the 3rd century HE

Rogues in the 5th century HE


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