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Roger II of Conté was the king of Tortall in Rebakah Cooper's time. He had a younger brother, Prince Baird[1].


Spoiler Alert: The following section contains spoilers about Mastiff.

Roger's first wife was Alysy of Conté. During this marriage he didn't care much for the running of his realm and instead let his brother and the councils have their free reign. Roger himself was more concerned with affairs. Lord Gershom was a friend of his and often helped him out to hide his women from the Queen.[2]

After Alysy's tragic death, he remarried in 245 HE. Queen Jessamine of Conté was his second wife and mother of his heir, Prince Gareth, who was born in 246 HE. When Jesssamine became queen and showed an interest in the affairs of the kingdom Roger himself became more involved in it. This didn't go too well with his brother, nobles and mages, who were by then used to getting their way. In 249 HE this lead to an attack on the Summer Palace during which the young Prince Gareth was kidnapped. In that time Ironwood of Sinthya was Roger's personal mage.[2]


He was mentioned in Terrier as well as in Bloodhound and made an appearance in Mastiff.

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