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Prince Roald
Crown Prince of Tortall
Heir to the Throne
Style His Royal Highness
Start of Reign
Coronation Date
End of Reign
Tenure 440 HE - present
Regency Council
Predecessor Jonathan IV
Heir Apparent Princess Lianokami
Heir Presumptive
King's Champion
Prime Minister
Bequeathed by
Date Bequeathed
Style '
Reigning Monarch King Jonathan IV
Liege Lord
Years of Service
Biographical Information
Birth Name
Maiden Name
Honorific '
Born 440 HE
Race Part K'miri
Nationality Tortallan
Gift Blue
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Family Information
Noble House Conté family
Ancestors King Jonathan I
King Roger III
Queen Jessamine
King Gareth III
King Jasson III
Queen Daneline
Grandparents King Roald V
Queen Lianne
(paternal grandparents)
Adigun jin Wilima
(maternal grandparents)
Parents King Jonathan IV
Queen Thayet
Adoptive Parents
Siblings Empress Kalasin
Prince Liam
Prince Jasson
Princess Lianne
Princess Vania
Wife Princess Shinkokami
Children Princess Lianokami
Adoptive Children
Other Family Binur Iliniat (nephew)
Kaddar Iliniat (brother-in-law)
Naxen family
Animals Shadow (gelding)
Patron God
Rank Knight
Residence Tortallan Royal Palace
Bazhir Tribe
K'miri Tribe
Sponsored by
Sponsor to Seaver of Tasride
Owen of Jesslaw
Training Master
Knight Master Imrah of Legann
Year Knighted 457 HE
Affiliation Keladry of Mindelan
Nealan of Queenscove
Military Affiliation
Military Branch
Commander Vanget haMinch
Squad Leader Sergeant
Rider Group Group
Combat Scanran War
Provost's Guard
Guard District
Guard Watch
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared Wild Magic
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance Lady Knight
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned '

Roald of Conté (pronounced ROH-ahld of kohn-TAY), born in 440 HE[1], is the Crown Prince of Tortall, and first in line to succeed his father, King Jonathan IV, and his mother, Queen Thayet, as monarch. He is a Knight of Tortall and completed his training in 458 HE. He is married to Shinkokami, originally a second-rank princess of the Yamani Islands, and they have one daughter together so far: Princess Lianokami. Roald is a member of House Conté, the royal family of Tortall. He has five siblings: Kalasin Iliniat the Empress of Carthak, Prince Liam, Prince Jasson, Princess Lianne, and Princess Vania.

Prince Roald is named after his paternal grandfather King Roald, who was known as the "Peace-maker" during his reign.


Early years

Roald was raised very closely with his sister, Kalasin. When they met Daine, they were fascinated with her, and followed her around everywhere—much to the amusement of their mother. Roald was shy compared to his sister, who was quite outspoken.

Training for knighthood


Crown Prince Roald entered training in 450 HE[1], and was quiet as a page, although friendly. He was careful to show the same amount of attention to all the other pages and to not favor or disfavor anyone outright. This was an approach that was very different to his father's approach when he was a page, as Jonathan showed a lot of favoritism, as well as open dislike.

When Keladry of Mindelan entered training in 452 HE, Roald was kind to her and became her friend. He did sit with Joren of Stone Mountain and his cronies, but that was only for formalities sake, and not because he liked the bullies or their methods. His liking to Kel could be explained because he, like Nealan of Queenscove, was raised at the royal palace. Thus he was exposed to women fighters such as his mother, Buriram Tourakom, Veralidaine Sarrasri, Alanna the Lioness, and the women of the Queen's Riders. As it was, he didn't make her feel inferior because she was a girl, but showed that he liked her because of her personality and the way she treated others. When Kel began her anti-bullying campaigns against Joren, Roald was seen to be sad that he could not join them because of his royal status. Again, this lack of surety to enter battles of will with other pages was in stark contrast to his father.

Kel, because of her knowledge of the Yamani Islands, helped Roald understand the culture of the Yamanis in order to prepare for his marriage. During his page years, his marriage was arranged with Chisakami, a Yamani princess whom Kel did not know. This changed later when Chisakami was killed in an earthquake.


Imrah, lord of Legann, took Roald as his squire, breaking centuries of royal tradition that the heir apparent serves his or her father[2]. Instead, Jonathan took Zahir ibn Alhaz as his squire, to further the relationship with the Bazhir and to make it clear that Bazhir could become knights if they could afford the huge expenses. Because of the prior death of Chisakami, Roald's marriage had been arranged with Shinkokami, a Yamani princess of the second rank.

When he met Shinko, he was painfully polite to her. She was the same to him, as they thought the other would find them scandalous. Kel concocted a plan to get them to talk about something they both were interested in, such as battle strategy.


After becoming a Knight of Tortall, Roald was disheartened by not being able to fight in the Scanran War. As he had a powerful healing Gift, Vanget haMinch used him mostly for healing. He was sent away from the regular army for a time, as General Vanget saw his antsy behavior and knew that he had to do something with him before Roald did something himself, as that kind of thing did run in his family. Roald was even more gloomy as the war had forced him and Shinkokami to put off their wedding.

In September of 460 HE, Roald and Shinkokami did marry. The celebrations for this wedding had completed by September 10[3].

Roald and Shinkokami have one daughter so far: Lianokami of Conté. This baby has never appeared in any of the books, and has only been mentioned by Tamora Pierce.

Physical description

Roald takes after his parents with white skin, blue eyes, and black hair.

Personality and traits

Roald is very shy and is determined to be gracious to all, even to people he does not like. He believes that it is his duty as his father's heir apparent to be fair and to not show favoritism. This was very unlike his father when he was a page, as Jonathan showed favoritism and open dislike to other boys such as ery outgoing and fl. tatious personality whe, one of Roald's good friends, recognizes that even though he is shy and determined to be fair and gracious, he is still every bit as stubborn as his parents. Kel also knows that Roald does not wish to abuse royal privilege.

Another way Roald differed from his father is that he seemed to be far less of a lady's man and far less experienced by the time he wed. This could've also been due to Roald's shyness, as Jonathan had a very outgoing and flirtatious personality when he was a young man.


His family

It is believed that he has a good relationship with his parents, as well as his younger sister, Kalasin. They might have been distanced slightly as teenagers, as Roald went to become a knight, and his sister went to live with a kinswoman. Although Prince Liam and Prince Jasson would have started page training when Roald was an older page or a squire, it is unknown how they feel about each other, as they have never been seen together. It is assumed that generally Roald does have a good relationship with his family, however.

Keladry of Mindelan

Kel was one of his closest friends as a page and squire, and he helped and offered her advice during her time. As he was prince, he did not take directly to her anti-hazing war, but supported her and her friends' efforts. She was his wife's closest Tortallan friend, and he got along very well with Kel.


As opposed to honoring royal tradition by having the crown prince as the king's squire, Roald became the squire of Imrah of Legann, one of the most important and esteemed men of the country. Lord Imrah had been crucial in the decisive battle of Port Legann. As such, he was an excellent knight-master to have, as he would be very experienced in battle and naval strategy, being the lord of a port city with a history of land battles.

Family tree

  Alysy of Conté † - Roger III of ContéJessamine of ContéGareth III of Conté
                                  ? generations
                               Jasson III of ContéDaneline of JesslawNaxen           ┌——————————————————┴————————————————┐
               │              │                                   │
     Lianne of NaxenRoald V of Conté                 unnamed brother ┬ unnamed wife
                     │                                                  │
              Jonathan IV of ContéThayet jian Wilima             Roger of Conté
               │                       │                                   │           │               │                  │
               │                       │             Iliniat               │           │               │                  │
               │                       │                │                  │           │               │                  │
ShinkokamiRoald VI of Conté  Kalasin of ContéKaddar Iliniat  Liam of Conté  Jasson of Conté  Lianne of Conté  Vania of Conté
           │                                     │
       Lianokami of Conté                 Binur Iliniat



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