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Port Caynn Riverside

Map of Port Caynn

Riverside District was a Port Caynn Guard District in the third century of the Human Era. It was the city's most southern district, being southwest of Shipping Roads and southeast of Kings Town Districts. To the south it is directly bordered by the docks being used by the vessels sailing on the Olorun River. Kings Way forms the districts eastern border and Cecily Way is a main street there. Pearl Skinner's Riverside Court is situated in this district[1].

The residents of this districts were known to be invovled in smuggling or at least look away from their consorts smuggling stolen goods. That's why the sewers were easily accessible in this district, allowing people to go unnoticed if need be.[2] Much of the city's trade was made in Riverside District, with the docks for river traffic being on its southermost point and therefore vessels from Corus or farther inland coming and going here. Thus there were quite a few warehouses in this district. The district's dock area ended by the breakwater, where the ground was too wet for buildings, only "a swampy mass of inlets"[3].

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