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Riversedge was a large fortified village in the north of Tortall, on the border with Scanra, near Fort Giantkiller. It was part of Third Company's assigned patrol area in the north prior to the start of the Scanran War. Their patrol area also included two more villages, silver mines, and a logging camp. Each week a squad of men from the Own would spend time in Riversedge for soft duty and to added to the village's defenses. The town itself had its back to a river and was surrounded by wooden walls lined with stones at its base along a steep ditch. Most of the men in the town were trained archers.

When a merchant caravan that was due to arrive at the village was attacked by Scanrans at Forgotten Well, Volorin's squad was left at Riversedge to help protect the villagers.[1]

During the Scanran War, a number of refugees from Riversedge were relocated to Haven and then New Hope. The fire-ban spells that Numair used to protect the walls and gate of Haven from burning came from Riversedge.[2]

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