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The River Zekoi is a major body of water in Carthak[1]. The river cuts through Carthak and further into the Southern Lands. It branches off several times into smaller tributaries, but the main river flows on.

The river forms a delta where it meets the Great Inland Sea on the coast. This is where the capital of Carthak is located, as well as the Carthaki imperial palace and the university.

When the Tortallan delegation arrived at the capital, Veralidaine Sarrasri jumped into the River Zekoi to save a marmoset that had been dropped in by a human child by accident. She named him Zekoi "Zek" in reference to that[2].

Notes and references

  1. It is likely based off the Nile River, as Carthak is based off of Egypt.
  2. Emperor Mage, Chapter 1
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