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Map of Three Rivers Province from Mastiff

The River Tellerun was situated in the north-western parts of Tortall, running through the Coastal Hills of Barony Olau. Hansevor Remy spoke with the accent from the river, which indicates that he was born near it. The river ended near Port Caynn and emptied into the Emerald Ocean just north of the port. The Tellerun Road ran parallel to it. Until the mines ran out around 217 HE the best silver mines along the coast could be found east of the Tellerun Valley[1].

The river was repeatedly mentioned in Bloodhound. First by Otho Urtiz, when he described Hanse for Rebakah Cooper, and later by Beka herself, when she described Sir Lionel's reach as Deputy Provost. Isanz Finer also mentioned the river when describing for Beka the position of the new silver mine.

Notes and References

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