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==Notes and references==
==Notes and references==
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Raven Armory is an upscale armory and is located in Corus, the capital of Tortall. It is known for the quality of its products, which are very expensive. They are considered the finest armorers of Tortall.


It is unknown when Raven Armory was established exactly, but it definitely existed for at least several generations, as the Eldorne family own an ivory-hilted knife which is a family heirloom. This could date them back several centuries, even, for their products to even be considered heirlooms.[1]


The Armory creates and sells a number of products that range from weapons to leather goods, or tools to clean weaponry. Very few can afford the products.


Cleaning tools and oils

  • Blade-polishing cloths — Used in concert with the polishing compound. Zahir ibn Alhaz owned a polishing cloth, and Alanna also sent many of them to Kel as one of her gifts.[2]
  • Polishing compound — Known to get rid of the tiniest flecks of rust or scratches.[2]
  • Rustproofing oil
  • Oil to preserve and soften leather fittings
  • Sharpening stones
  • Sand for cleaning chain mail


The Armory uses only the finest metals to make their weapons. Griffin, the sword owned by Kel, was made of the finest Yamani steel.[3]

Crest and legend


"Raven Armory: Serving Tortall's Finest"
—Raven Armory's Legend


An enameled raven.[1]

Notes and references

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