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Ralon of Malven, later also known as Claw, was probably born around 415 HE[1]. When Alanna of Trebond came to the Royal Palace disguised as a boy, Ralon was already one of the older pages, nearly a squire. He and Alanna didn't get along well as Ralon used to pick on her. This only ended when Alanna learned some new tricks in fighting by her friend George Cooper and managed to defeat Ralon in an even fight. He leaves the palace afterwards.

He once attempted to rape Anala, a village girl form Eldorne. Her maid threw acid into his face to save Anala. This caused Ralon to lose an eye; there remained also purple scars on his face.

Later Ralon took the name of Claw and became associated with the Court of the Rogue, trying to overthrow the current King of Thieves, George Cooper, by unfair methods. Claw is killed in the Coronation Day Battle in 439 HE by George Cooper.

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