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Ralon of Malven †
Biographical Information
Alias Claw
Born c. 415/416 HE
Died 439 HE
Nationality Tortallan
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Tall
Hair Sandy-blond
Eyes Blue
Other Missing eye
Acid scars
Family Information
Family Malven family
Parents Viljo of Malven
Gaylyah of Malven
Siblings Two older brothers
Other Family
Rank Nobility (disowned)
Rogue Position
Residence Corus
Fief Malven
Tortallan Royal Palace
Affiliation Court of the Rogue
Duke Roger of Conté
Princess Josiane
Delia of Eldorne
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared Alanna: The First Adventure
Last Appeared Lioness Rampant
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned Squire (by Raoul)

Ralon of Malven (pronounced MAHL-vehn), later known as Claw, was a former member of the Tortallan nobility before his parents disowned him for sexually assaulting a commoner woman[1]. He became a member of the Court of the Rogue and tried to undermine George Cooper's authority as the Rogue. He joined a conspiracy led by Roger of Conté against Jonathan IV. He was killed by George Cooper in the Coronation Day Battle.


Early life as a noble

Ralon was probably born around 415 or 416 HE[2] as the third son of Count Viljo of Malven and his wife Gaylyah of Malven.[1] He entered page training at the royal palace around 426 HE. When Alanna of Trebond came to the Royal Palace disguised as a boy in spring of 430 HE, Ralon was already one of the older pages, nearly a squire. By that time he was already disliked by most of the other pages and Jon had told him not to speak to him again.[3] When Ralon first noticed Alanna, he began an argument with her, which ended in mutual insults and even physical violence. The fight only ended when Prince Jonathan and his friends arrived. Ralon didn't bother Alanna much in the following weeks.

That autumn, when he had become a squire,[4] Ralon began to pick on Alanna. He told her to do his chores and when she wouldn't do them, they fought. Usually it was Alanna who got bruises, broken bones and other injuries. He also tripped her when she was serving at the evening banquets. Their feud continued for the whole autumn that year, until Alanna learned some new tricks in fighting by her friend George Cooper and managed to defeat Ralon in an even fight shortly before Midwinter 430 HE[2]. Ralon left the palace afterwards, shamed.[4] He did not resurface to Alanna nor her friends till years after the incident.

Life as a Rogue

Some time after he had left the palace he attempted to rape Anala, a village girl from Eldorne, the fief neighboring Malven. Anala's maid threw acid in his face and thereby caused purple scars on Ralon's face. As a result he also lost an eye. After this incident he was disinherited.[1]

Later Ralon took the name of Claw and became associated with the Court of the Rogue and returned to Corus. Around 437 HE he was arrested by the Provost's Guard for suspected robbery, but was released again because there wasn't enough evidence against him. In early 439 HE he was arrested, but escaped. Since then he was sought by the Provost's Guard, but the fact that they didn't look as hard as they might suggested he had bribed someone.

As a member of the thief population, Claw tried to overthrow the current King of Thieves, George Cooper, by unfair methods. Usurpers to the King of the Rogue's crown were expected, but it was also expected that the incumbent King and the usurper fight to the death in front of witnesses, as opposed to the more deceitful, sleight of hand, ways that he tried to utilize in order to have Cooper killed. He sent Cooper a maid who tried to poison George and his friends in House Azik, Port Caynn, and allegiances of most thieves changed continuously between Claw and George, depending on who it seemed would be the victor. Claw was also in league with Delia of Eldorne and other noble conspirators against Jonathan. His plan of regicide was betrayed and he nearly captured by the Lord Provost. Claw was killed in the Coronation Day Battle in 439 HE by George Cooper.

Since he was disowned by his family and Malven had nothing to do with the rebellion, it is likely that his family did not have their lands stripped from them. There were probably no other consequences to his family for his involvement in the revolt.

Physical description

Aged fourteen Ralon was a tall, gangling boy with a thick mouth. He had "cold blue eyes" and "sandy-blond hair" flopping over his forehead. He had had crooked teeth that made him spit when he spoke a "s".[3] He once attempted to rape Anala, a village girl from Eldorne. Her maid threw acid into his face to save Anala. This caused Ralon to lose an eye; there remained also purple scars on his face.

Personality & Traits

Ralon was a cruel person, from the time when he was younger to when he was older as Claw. This is shown in his treatment of the people he thinks are below him, either in class, skill, or gender, such as how he treated Alanna of Trebond, and then his attempted rape and assault of a village girl. Even as a Rogue, he treated people with cruelty.

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