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The Raka Conspiracy existed for many years, perhaps since the first telling of the Kyprish Prophecy in 200 HE. The prophecy, told to the raka people by Kyprioth through a priestess, promised a twice-royal queen to deliver the raka from luarin rule. The conspiracy succeeded in overthrowing the luarin rulers and putting a twice royal queen on the throne in 463 HE, though not the one they originally expected.

The conspiracy eventually joined forces with members of the luarin conspiracy, a group that was made up of luarin noblemen and women of the Isles who wished to overthrow the Rittevon rulers. This included Nuritin and Winnamine Balitang, Winnamine's father, Vurquan Nomru, and others. The luarin, being quite wealthy, aided the raka conspiracy in buying weapons and ships for the fighters. Members of the luarin conspiracy also took up arms for the cause.


The twice-royal queen of the prophecy would be descended from both the ancient raka Haiming Dynasty and the luarin royal family. The Haiming blood was secretly still alive in the Temaida family, who kept it silent for centuries, not wanting to give the luarin rulers any excuse to execute them. In or before 446 HE, Sarugani Temaida, a descendant of the royal Haiming family, married Mequen Balitang, a Duke with Rittevon blood. They had two daughters, Saraiyu and Dovasary Balitang. The raka conspirators believed that Sarai, the elder daughter, must be the twice-royal queen of the prophecy, and they protected both girls throughout their childhood.

Since Sarai's birth, it was the conspirators' goal to place her on the throne. She was charming, deeply compassionate, and willful; raka both within and outside the conspiracy were confident in her ability to be a good queen. However, Sarai was not aware of in the conspiracy or her role in it. In 462 HE, she eloped with Zaimid Hetnim and ran away with him to Carthak. The leaders of the conspiracy at first believed that they had lost their only hope. Dovasary, Sarai's quieter and less fiery younger sister, convinced them to rally around her instead. They succeeded in their goal in 463 HE, when they overthrew the Rittevons and crowned Dove as Queen.


Leaders of the conspiracy included high ranking servants at the Balitang household like Ulasim Dodeka, Fesgao Yibenu, Chenaol and Lokeij. The conspiracy had also trained their young men and women—one of them Junai Dodeka—alike in fighting. Raka mages formed a network called the Chain to coordinate their efforts. One of those mages was Ochobu Dodeka.

There were many other members of the conspiracy around the Isles, full-blood and part-blood raka alike.

Alianne of Pirate's Swoop joined the conspiracy, becoming its spymaster. She trained spies for the conspiracy with techniques she had learned from her father, Tortall's deputy spymaster.


The beginning

  • 181 HE — The Haiming queens fall officially. Rittevon of Lenman is crowned King.
  • 200 HE — The Kyprish Prophecy is first recorded to bring hope to the raka. It told them to wait for a twice-royal queen. Though there was rebellion since the crowning of Rittevon of Lenman, this could be when the conspiracy first arose.
  • The Temaida family keeps their Haiming blood a secret, as they are the last branch. Instead of rebelling, the family decides to wait for the promised queen from the prophecy.

400s HE

  • 446 HE — Saraiyu Balitang is born to Mequen Balitang and Sarugani Temaida. Mequen, being a cousin to King Oron, was far up in the Rittevon royal line. His mother was perhaps a Rittevon princess and sister to Oron's father. Sarugani was the carrier of the Haiming blood. Sarai was the first twice royal girl born since the prophecy, and the raka conspiracy believed her to be the promised queen.
  • 450 HE — The second twice royal girl is born, Dovasary Balitang.
  • 455 HE — Sarugani Temaida dies in an accident with her horse. The raka get even more protective of the twice-royal ladies, Sarai and Dove.
  • 461 HE
    • The trickster god Kyprioth makes a bet with Alianne of Pirate's Swoop that she cannot keep the Balitang children safe for a summer. He knows that she will end up joining the raka conspiracy.
    • Oron Rittevon dies, naming his son Hazarin as his successor.
    • King Hazarin dies, naming Oron's son Dunevon as his successor. This leaves Mequen Balitang as the young king's heir presumptive. Imajane Rittevon and Rubinyan Jimajen serve as regents.(Dunevon has one remaining sister, Imajane, but by law she cannot inherit as a woman until all male-line Rittevon relatives are dead.)
    • Autumn — Mequen Balitang is killed by Bronau Jimajen. His son and youngest child, Elsren, becomes Duke Balitang and the next heir to the Rittevon throne.
  • 462 HE
    • Winter — Aly recruits spies to the raka conspiracy.
    • April — The Balitang family returns to Rajmuat.
    • The rebellion grows in strength
      • Nawat Crow and his fighters battle soldiers on different islands, improving things for the raka conspiracy.
      • Aly spreads lies about the feared royal spymaster Topabaw in order to make people believe he is failing.
      • The raka develop a symbol of the rebellion: an open shackle. They mark it on buildings and walls to signify the rebellion, and raka outside of the conspiracy adopt it as well.
      • Aly and her spies blow up the slave docks.
      • Many riots take place.
      • The regents offer Dunevon's hand in marriage to Sarai.
      • Sarai elopes with Zaimid Hetnim.
      • Mages working for Imajane and Rubinyan cause a storm at sea to kill Dunevon and Elsren, making Imajane and Rubinyan king and queen.
        • Tortall and Carthak refuse to continue trade with king-killers and call back their ships
        • Holdings on Malubesang Island rise in revolt, namely the Nomru lands and the Fonfala lands. These rebellions are not led by slaves or raka conspirators, but by the luarin nobles, namely Winnamine's brothers.
    • The regents send assassins to attack Dove on the family's way back to Balitang House from the Grey Palace. She escapes on a large kudarung.
    • The rebel forces attack the Grey Palace at dawn. They are victorious, and oust Imajane and Rubinyan from their throne.
    • Dove crowns herself queen of the Copper Isles in Midwinter (463—464 HE)[2]

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