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Type Capital, Port City
Location Southern edge of Kypriang Island in the Copper Isles
Size Large
Climate Hot and humid
Stormy in summertime
Bodies of water Rajmuat Harbor
Marine Life
Location Information
Established Before 181 HE
Official Language Kyprish
Common Eastern
Religious Head
Residents Tomang family
Balitang family
Patron God
Law Enforcement Rittevon's Lance
Major Events Raka rebellion
Affiliation Copper Isles
Port Cities
Major Cities
Major Roads
Landmarks Example Display Ground
Notable Buildings Grey Palace
Head of State Dovasary Balitang
Main Industry Mercantilism
Trade Partners
Bibliographical information
Tortallan Universe place
First Mentioned '
First Appeared Trickster's Choice
Latest Appearance Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales
Last Appeared '
Only Appearance '
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Rajmuat is the capital city of the Copper Isles, an island nation situated on the Emerald Ocean. The city is located on the south edge of Kypriang Island, the largest of the isles.



There are several districts of Rajmuat[1].


Rajmuat was the capital city before the Luarin Conquest led by Rittevon of Lenman and Ludas Jimajen. It was held by the raka queens of old, though it probably looked differently to how it did in the 460s HE. The queens' Grey Palace was built there, known throughout the land, and where people could visit in order to see real beauty.



Those native to Rajmuat worship either Mithros and the Great Mother Goddess primarily, or Kyprioth, depending on their upbringing and their ethnicity.


Kyprish is the main language of Rajmuat, like other areas of the Copper Isles, but it has a distinct accent.


Some of the most exemplary buildings are found in Rajmuat, including the Grey Palace, which dates back far before the Rittevon rulers.

Stucco is used as a wall covering in both poorer and wealthier areas of the city, and clay tiles are often used for roofing. In the wealthier areas, families live in extremely ornate villas. The Balitangs' home had large pillars that lined the front porch, and a layered roof.[2]

Laws and Punishments

  • It is expressly forbidden for slaves to carry any kind of weaponry. The exact punishment is unknown, but likely extreme.[3]
  • Attacking a member of the royal family, even a second-tier member, is punishable by death. This is the case in all the Isles.[4]


462 HE

463 HE

  • Spring
    • The Balitang family is pardoned; they return to Rajmuat.
    • Wealthier residential areas are beginning to show signs of trouble: burn marks on stone and hastily whitewashed stucco.[2]

Rajmuat was where the raka rebellion took place in full force, although other conspirators on other islands also rebelled against the regime. The rebel conspirators gave the raka of Rajmuat hope by painting an open shackle on buildings and walls, so that people could spread the work of the queen-to-be, and of the end of a cruel dynasty.

In the late summer of 463 HE, the final battle started between the rebels and those loyal to House Rittevon, after Crown assassins attempted to murder Dovasary Balitang on the streets of Rajmuat while the Balitangs were returning home from a royal event. She was rescued by a large, wild kudarung, showing that the wild horses had chosen Dove as the new queen of the Isles. During the battle, Dove flew over the city on the wild kudarung that rescued her in order to bring hope to the rebel forces. They were victorious, but suffered many losses. On Midwinter of 464, Dovasary crowned herself queen of the Copper Isles and restored Kyprioth to his rightful place as patron god.


Rajmuat appears in both Trickster's Choice and Trickster's Queen, and serves as the main setting in the latter novel. The city also appears in Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales.

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