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Rachia is a bustling trade city in Sarain.[1] Alanna, with Coram, Liam Ironarm, Thayet, and Buri, brought war orphans to the Mother of Waters convent there in 439 HE.[2] The First Daughter of the Mother of Waters convent, First Daughter jian Cadao, is Queen Thayet's cousin and the Convent's Hag Daughter told Thayet about the death of her father.

Before they reached the temple a man tried to shoot Thayet, but was chased down by Alanna and Buri. He jumped off a roof accidenally and was killed.[1]

So far the city only appeared in Lioness Rampant, where Alanna and her companions pass through it on their way to the Roof of the World.

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