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Rachia (pronounced RAH-chee-ah) is a bustling trade city located in Sarain[1]. It was hit hard by the Saren civil war of 439 HE.

During the civil war, Alanna of Trebond, Coram Smythesson, Liam Ironarm, Thayet jian Wilima, and Buriram Tourakom went to Rachia in order to seek shelter from the war. They also brought a number of young war refugees with them to the Mother of Waters convent, a temple dedicated to the Great Mother Goddess. As Thayet was a member of the jin Wilima noble and ruling house, an attempt was made on her life, and she was almost shot with an arrow in the streets of Rachia.

When they made it to the Mother of Waters convent, First Daughter jian Cadao, Thayet's paternal first cousin, turned Thayet away, but took in the war refugees. As the First Daughter and Thayet were kin, Liam thought it dishonorable that she would turn Thayet away. The convent's Hag Daughter—hag referring to the Great Mother's threefold appearance and her ability to show herself as an old woman—told Princess Thayet about the death of Adigun jin Wilima, Thayet's father and the last jin Wilima warlord to rule Sarain.

So far the city only appeared in Lioness Rampant, where Alanna and her companions pass through it on their way to the Roof of the World.

Notes and references

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