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Qunsuanen (pronounced kuhn-SOO-ah-nehn) was a term in Tradertalk referring to a person being equipped properly so that bad luck didn't stick to the person. It was preceded by the qunsua ceremony, in which the person in question had her features lined by bright yellow paint. Chains on which charms decorated with yellow signs hung were place on the neck, wrists and ankles of the person. Even the Trader's staff was bound with yellow thread and the toe- and fingernails painted yellow.[1] During the ceremony the caravan's or ship's mimanders prayed for the person being made qunsuanen and did purifying rituals. The mimanders would do so again after the reason for the ceremony passed. E. g. the qunsuanen had to follow its caravan ten days after the dealings with a trangshi was completed and had to wash in every stream, pond or river they passed.[2]

The ceremony allowed Traders to interact with trangshi without bringing their bad luck back to their caravan or ship. However, it caused the person undergoing the procedure negative consequences even after their dealings with the trangshi were over, because the ceremony was logged in the books of the caravan or ship and it was difficult for the Trader to regain enough zokin to have this erased from the books.[3]

Polyam of Tenth Caravan Idaram was made qunsuanen in autumn of 1039 KF to be able to speak to and trade with the trangshi Daja Kisubo, trying to acquire her living metal creation, without bringing her bad luck back to the caravan.

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