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Quenaill Shieldsman
Imperial Mage
Tenure ? — 1043 KF
Reigning Monarch Berenene dor Ocmore
Biographical Information
Nickname Quen
Born c. 1015 KF
Nationality Namornese
Magical Information
Magic Shields, protective magics
Type Academic magic
Ranking Unknown status (considered a prodigy in school)
Institution University of Lightsbridge
Teacher(s) Niklaren Goldeye (one teacher of many)
Accreditation Medallion (received at 21[1])
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Tall
Family Information
Adoptive Parents
Adoptive Children
Other Family
Lover Berenene dor Ocmore (he is replaced by Shan)
Patron God
Occupation Mage Bodyguard
Affiliation The Imperial Family
Empress Berenene
Ishabal Ladyhammer
Imperial Mages
Law Enforcement of
Guard District
Guard Badge
Bibliographical Information
Circle Universe character
First Mentioned '
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First Appeared '
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance The Will of the Empress
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Quenaill Shieldsman, or Quen, is a Namornese mage employed by Empress Berenene dor Ocmore. He is Ishabal Ladyhammer's assistant, and one of the empress's favorites and former lovers. He studied at the University of Lightsbridge, specializing in protective magics, and is the empress's chief bodyguard, a very good position.


Early life and education

Quen attended the University of Lightsbridge in Karang, a school that is famed far and wide for its teaching and the mages it produces. He received his mages' medallion at the tender age of twenty-one, and was considered a prodigy. He specialized in protective and incapacitative magics and was quite adept.

Joins the imperial mages

At some point he joined the service of the Empress of Namorn under Ishabal Ladyhammer, the chief of the empress's mages. He was assigned as a mage bodyguard for the empress because of his strength in protective magics. As the empress had a habit of picking lovers from her court, Quen became one of those men. He felt jilted when the empress discarded him for Pershan fer Roth, a veritable nobody of the court, as Rizuka fa Dalach put it. He was still in love with the empress, however, and wasn't one to commit acts of jealousy against her. Shan took his place in 1043 KF, about five or so weeks before Sandrilene fa Toren arrived in Namorn.

Sandry and co. stay in Namorn

In 1043 KF Quen met Sandrilene fa Toren, Briar Moss, Daja Kisubo, and Trisana Chandler when they came to the Namornese court. Briar Moss remarked that Shieldsman's protective magics were "very good", after Quen created a shield to protect the empress from the glass dragon called Chime.

He shared Ishabal and the empress's awe of Trisana Chandler, and the weather-magic that she can do. After Ishabal offered Tris employment under the empress, Quen told Tris that she would like imperial service, as Berenene knows the need for magical research. He also mentioned that he studied under Niklaren Goldeye while at Lightsbridge, and asked Tris about what Goldeye is like outside of the classroom. This amused the young weather mage.

Back in Dancruan at the Imperial Palace, Berenene, Ishabal, and Quen learned that Finlach fer Hurich attempted to kidnap Sandry in the palace and force her into a marriage contract. Quen expressed his disbelief about a man who would dare do that in the Imperial Palace, where such things were sacrosanct. After hearing Sandry's tale, Berenene ordered Quen to arrest Notalos fer Hurich, Fin's uncle, and the head of the Mages' Society of Namorn. He balked, but Ishabal gave him a few pointers about what spells to use in the arrest.

Lady Sandry planned to leave Namorn because of this. Quen noticed while scrying that Pershan fer Roth was planning to kidnap Sandry and force her into a marriage contract himself. Quen offered his magical services to Shan, and to help kidnap the heiress. Quen's motives were quite clear; Shan's betrayal would make him lose favor with the empress, therefore allowing Quen to retake his place as Berenene's lover.

Quen created a sleeping spell in order to keep people at the Canyon Inn from waking up during the kidnapping. It was a powerful spell, and it allowed Shan to grab Sandry. When Briar and Daja were searching for the source of the magic, they stepped into a magical trap that was created by Quen. Quen had tested it quite a few times on both mages and non-mages, especially prisoners. He informed the two that Ishabal Ladyhammer had been able to break out, but she just blasted it and informed him that he needed to be kept humble. After a while, Daja and Briar combined their magics, broke out of the trap, and completely drained Quen's power by encasing him in vines and metal wire.

Both Shan and Quen failed, and it is implied that Quen's betrayal will make him lose favor with the empress.

Physical description

Quen is described as very handsome and tall. His good looks are saved only for the empress.

Personality and traits

Quen is very devoted and calculating. He is loyal to the empress, and is also deeply in love with her. He is willing to do anything to get back in the empress's good graces, including kidnapping a woman so she could be forced into a marriage contract.

He is loyal to the empress but disappoints her greatly in joining forces with Shan.


Quen only appears in The Will of the Empress.

Notes and references

  1. The Will of the Empress, Ch. 5 (pg. 94; ebook)

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