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Queenclaw is the female goddess of house cats in the Tortallan Universe. It is not known who her male counterpart is.

In 450 HE, Veralidaine Sarrasri called upon the Badger god to heal the cat called Scrap in Dunlath. Evidently, the god passed this information onto the cat goddess, Queenclaw, who healed Scrap and brought her back to life. She also informed Daine that she couldn't ask for her animal friends to be resurrected all the time, as the gods were not at the girl's beck and call, but that this would be a showing of good faith. She has a silky, cruel voice, and is very commanding.

In 452 HE, Queenclaw met Daine in person when the girl was brought to the Divine Realms in order to be saved from the immortals known as Skinners. Queenclaw told Daine more about Sarra Beneksri, who was now the minor goddess known as the Green Lady. It seemed Queenclaw and Sarra were friends.


She appears in Wolf-Speaker and The Realms of the Gods.

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