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Philben "Phil" Cooper is an older cousin of Rebakah Cooper[1] on her father's side. By 247 HE, he is married to Delene Cooper and they have four children.[2] He gambles but only for small amounts of money. He works as a carter and in autumn he is normally hiring out at Daymarket.

When he was younger Phil helped Ilony Cooper with carrying baskets of laundry and bundles of food.[3]

In 247 HE, Phil is paid in false coins from Talbot and Durward, two merchants who hired him to cart bales of Copper Isles silk from the docks up to Starshine Warehouses. Garnett finds some of his false coins when Phil tries to pay him with it. Phil has the rest of the false money melted down afterwards for the metal by a friend.[3] Beka visits and questions him at the beginning of the second week of September of 247 HE on the matter.

                                                   Fern Cooper ┬ unnamed man         
                                                         │                              │
                                     Ilony Cooper ┬ unnamed man                         ? ┬ ?
                                                  │                                       │
         ┌—————————————————————-——————————————————┴-———————————————-———————————————┐   Philben CooperDelene Cooper
         │                                       │               │               │                  │
       Rebakah CooperFarmer Cape    Diona Cooper      Lorine Cooper     Willes Cooper   Nilo Cooper          4 children
               6 generations
                 │                                                           │
Myles of OlauEleni Cooper ┬ unnamed man    Trebond                     unnamed
                             │                   │                           │
                  George CooperAlanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau   Rispah CooperCoram Smythesson
                                │                                                   │
                              Trebond ┌———————┬———————┬——————┬—————┬—————┬————┬—————┴┬—————┬—————┐
                                      │       │       │      │     │     │    │      │     │     │
                                   Jonthair Alinna Thomsen Mylec Daran Liam Thayine Rose Elenna Buran

Physical Description

Phil was once considered handsome. He has blue eyes and by 247 HE crow's-feet under them.[4]


Philben only appears in the second volume of the Provost's Dog trilogy, Bloodhound, where he is questioned by Beka on the matter of false coins.

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