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Persopolis was the only inhabited stone city in the Great Southern Desert of Tortall. It was the only city built by the Bazhir and was built to keep watch of the Black City, where the demonic Ysandir lived before they were defeated by Alanna the Lioness and Jonathan IV.


Inside the city were eleven springs and wells[1].

There are two roads that go through or directly to Peropolis. The Great Road South extends from Corus to Pearlmouth, a city on the coast of the Great Inland Sea. The road cuts through Persopolis in the Desert. Port Way is another road that spans from Persopolis to Port Legann on the coast of the Emerald Ocean[2].


When they were squires, Jonathan and his friends, as well as Alanna, who had gotten special permission to go along on the trip although she was still a page, made a trip to Persopolis, where they met Ali Mukhtab, then the city's governor and later revealed to be the Voice of the Tribes.[3][4]

The Royal Progress also visited Persopolis in Squire.

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