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Pershan fer Roth or Shan is a Namornese nobleman who appears in The Will of the Empress. In the novel, he is the primary lover of Berenene dor Ocmore, taking the place of Quenaill Shieldsman. When Sandrilene fa Toren comes to Namorn, Shan tries to woo her without the notice of his imperial sponsor. Sandry learns of his deceit and ends her favor with him. When he hears that she is leaving Namorn, he goes to her home to offer her his hand in marriage, but he is turned down when his true motive comes to light by Ambros fer Landreg. As the House of Roth is now beggared nobility due to the excessive gambling from Shan's father and brother, Shan originally came to Dancruan in order to woo the Empress. When he found that this plan was impossible, he turned his gaze to Sandry who, in his mind, was an easier fish to fry. If Shan was to garner Sandry's lands and wealth, he could weild incredible power in the empire and bring his family and his lands out of destitution.

When she declines this offer, Shan arranges to kidnap Sandry. With the help of Quen, he manages to take her, however, both he and Quen underestimate Sandry's power. She foils them, and leaves Shan wrapped in a cocoon of his own clothing.

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