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Shan fer Roth only appears in [[''The Will of the Empress'']].
Shan fer Roth only appears in ''[[The Will of the Empress]]''.

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Pershan fer Roth or Shan is a Namornese nobleman. His family, the Roths, are impoverished nobility. While they used to be considered one of the most powerful families in the realm due to their wealth and connections, they lost these things because of the gambling problem among Shan's father and uncles. To lift their family from poverty, Shan went toDancruan in order to woo and marry the empress, and found it quite difficult. Berenene did make him the Master of the Hunt, giving him a position and paying the 50 gold argib fee that came with it.

In 1043 KF, he is hunting with Berenene when they meet Sandrilene fa Toren, Daja Kisubo, Briar Moss, and Trisana Chandler. He tells them crossly that the glass dragon, Chime, ruined their sport and scared away all of the game.

Later on, after Sandry and her foster-siblings had been formally announced and introduced to the empress, Shan talks to her in a secluded area when Berenene takes Briar Moss to see her greenhouses. He tells the young heiress that he wants to marry her himself, but also makes a joke about it, his charm, and the way Sandry's other suitors pay no attention to the clehame while their imperial sponsor is out of sight. He informs her about the plan to get her wed, and charms Sandry with his frankness and humor.

When Berenene and her entourage go to visit her young cousin at Clehamat Landreg, Shan comes along, and talks to Sandry again in a secluded place about Berenene, the lure of Landreg, and imperial favor. Sandry has quite a crush on him by now, although he still doesn't tell her what his relationship to the empress is. This is also when Daja finds out Shan's true financial position from Rizuka fa Dalach, who calls him a "nobody".

Back at Dancruan, during a ball, Shan kisses Sandry, although again not where the empress might see or hear about. It flusters Sandry enough that she throws herself at Jakuben fer Pennun, angering Finlach fer Hurich. It's also around this time that Berenene hears of Shan's straying affections and keeps him close by, allowing Fin to be quite cocky when he kidnaps Sandry.

After Sandry decides to return to Emelan, Shan goes to see her at her sprawling Dancruan mansion. He kisses her and proposes, which brings her to her senses. She has to use her thread magic to get him away from her. It is in this time when Shan's true motives of snagging the heiress come to light by Saghad Ambros fer Landreg, who coolly tells his cousin about the Roth's former glory as a noble house, and how Shan came to Dancruan to try and marry the empress and take power, but also finding it impossible. Thus, he turned his sights to the young heiress. At this, Sandry refuses the offer of marriage and sends him on his way.

He then starts to put his plan to kidnap Sandry and force her to sign the marriage contract into action. Quenaill Shieldsman seeks him out and offers him his aid. Shieldsman's motive is clear: Shan will lose favor with Berenene, and he then could take his place as lover. Shan also says that he has been planning this ever since he knew that Sandry liked him. He plans to take Sandry from the Canyon Inn - a more hidden inn than the Blendroad Inn, and well off the beaten trail.

Shan and Quen both underestimate Sandry, Daja, and Briar's magic. Sandrilene cocoons her kidnappers with their own clothes, and deliberately places a tethered Shan on a table-like rock where all of Namorn could see what happens when she is vexed. He curses her, but is left there.


Shan fer Roth only appears in The Will of the Empress.