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Pershan fer Roth
Start of Reign
Coronation Date
End of Reign
Regency Council
Style '
Master of the Hunt
Empress Berenene's Court Lover
Reigning Monarch
Tenure A year
Biographical Information
Nickname Shan
Honorific Saghad (Lord)
Born c. 1020 KF
Nationality Namornese
Magical Information
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Tall
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue
Family Information
Noble House Roth
Parents Unnamed parents
Adoptive Parents
Children Unknown
Adoptive Children
Other Family Unnamed uncle
Lover Empress Berenene
Sandrilene fa Toren (romantic interest)
Patron God
Rank Noble
Residence Imperial Palace of Namorn (main)
Affiliation Roth, Namornese nobility
Bibliographical Information
Circle Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared '
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance The Will of the Empress
Last Mentioned '

Pershan fer Roth, or Shan, is a Namornese nobleman. He is a member of House Roth, a noble house of Namorn that used to be very politically and economically powerful within the empire[1].


Early life

Pershan was born to House Roth. Before a gambling problem of the older male members of his family, the Roths were an incredibly wealthy and powerful noble house. The Roth family used to be powerful in the Noble Assembly of Namorn, with twenty seats. After his father and uncles gambled their estate away and left them in a lot of debt, they were left with only one seat in the Noble Assembly[1].

It is unknown when exactly the Roth family fell from its former glory, but Shan did mention having to sleep with holes in his sheets.

At the Empress's Court

Shan moved to the Imperial Palace in Dancruan in hopes of wooing and marrying Berenene dor Ocmore, the famed empress. He did not succeed, and only became her lover, replacing Quenaill Shieldsman[1]. As he would not have been able to afford the 50 gold argib fee to become Master of the Hunt, Berenene paid it, and convinced her more powerful nobles to accept Shan in such an important courtly position.

Shan soon lost hope of becoming the empress's husband, and turned his sights to Sandrilene fa Toren, the wealthy clehame, or "countess", that was to visit Namorn. While Berenene assigned Finlach fer Hurich and Jakuben fer Pennun to convince Sandry to stay, Shan secretly made plans to woo Sandry when she came[1].

When Sandry comes to Namorn

On the 27th of Goose Moon in 1043 KF, Shan was hunting with Berenene and other younger members of the empress's court when they met Sandrilene fa Toren, Daja Kisubo, Briar Moss, and Trisana Chandler because they chased the glass dragon Chime to the four young people. Shan told them crossly that the Chime had ruined their sport and scared away all of the game[2]. Later on, after Sandry and her foster-siblings had been formally announced and introduced to the empress, Shan talked to her in a secluded area while Berenene took Briar Moss to see her greenhouses. He told the young heiress that he wanted to marry her himself, but also makes a joke about it, his charm, and the way Sandry's other suitors pay no attention to the clehame while their imperial sponsor is out of sight. He informed her about the plan to get her wed, and charmed Sandry with his frankness and humor[3].

When Berenene and her entourage went to visit her young cousin at Clehamat Landreg, Shan came along, and talked to Sandry again in a secluded place about Berenene, the lure of Landreg, and imperial favor. Sandry had quite a crush on him by now, although he still hadn't told her what his relationship to the empress is. This is also when Daja found out Shan's true financial position from Bidisa Rizu, the Mistress of the Wardrobe, who called him a "nobody". Back at Dancruan, during a ball, Shan kissed Sandry, although again not where the empress might see nor hear about. It flustered Sandry enough that she threw herself at Jakuben fer Pennun, angering Finlach fer Hurich[4]. It's also around this time that Berenene heard of Shan's straying affections and kept him close by, allowing Fin to be quite cocky when he kidnapped Sandry[5].

After Sandry decided to return to Emelan, Shan went to see her at her sprawling Dancruan mansion. He kissed her and proposed, which brought her to her senses. She had to use her thread magic to get him away from her. It is in this time when Shan's true motives of snagging the heiress come to light by Saghad Ambros fer Landreg, who coolly informed his cousin about the Roth's former glory as a noble house, and how Shan came to Dancruan to try and marry the empress and take power, but also finding it impossible. Thus, he turned his sights to the young heiress. At this, Sandry refused the offer of marriage and sent him on his way[1].

He then started to put his plan to kidnap Sandry and force her to sign the marriage contract into action. Quenaill Shieldsman sought him out and offered him his aid. Shieldsman's motive was clear: Shan will lose favor with Berenene, and he then could take his place as lover. Shan also said that he has been planning this ever since he knew that Sandry liked him. He planned to take Sandry from the Canyon Inn - a more hidden inn than the Blendroad Inn, and well off the beaten trail. Shan also used the money from one of Berenene's gift to him in order to fund his mages and soldiers ready to take a thread-mage[6].

Shan and Quen both underestimated Sandry, Daja, and Briar's magic. Sandrilene cocooned her kidnappers with their own clothes, and deliberately placed a tethered Shan on a table-like rock where all of Namorn could see what happens when she is vexed. He cursed her, but was left there[7].

When Empress Berenene found out that both Shan and Quen had disobeyed her, it is clear that they both fell from imperial favor[8].

Physical description

Shan is quite handsome, with a strong build. He is tall, with a strong nose.

Personality and traits

As impoverished nobility, Shan is desperate to restore his family to its former glory. He is too sure of himself, though, and his charm, and failed to woo the empress into a marriage contract. He is incredibly charming and charismatic, and managed to get Sandry to fall in love with him. He is a liar, though, and is only a bit let down when his lies get back to Sandry. However, the idea of kidnapping a woman and forcing her into a marriage does not bother him, and he is resigned to kidnap her. He underestimated her, as a woman, and as a mage, and was defeated by her.


Shan fer Roth only appears in The Will of the Empress.

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