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Peachblossom, a gelding and heavy warhorse, is the horse of Keladry of Mindelan. He has a mind of his own and likes neither the company of other horses nor that of humans. There are only a handful of people for whom he behaves.


Abused when he was yonger, Peachblossom is no man's friend. When Kel first sees him, he only allows Stefan, the chief hostler, and Daine, the realm's wildmage, to heal him. Kel takes to riding him as a page, and with the help of Stefan and Daine, Peachblossom is fine with Kel. They develop a close relationship up to the point where Kel wouldn't even part from him when she was offered a better horse. Her mysterious benefactor buys Peachblossom at the end of Kel's term as a page and gives him to Kel as a present along with paid bills for stabling, feed and care.[1]

Neal, however, is Peachblossom's favorite target, and Kel often has to restrain Peachblossom from biting him. Peachblossom doesn't like other horses very much, either. Thus Kel prefers riding in a distance to others to give Peachblossom no chance to bite the other horses. Once Kel becomes the squire of Raoul of Goldenlake, however, Peachblossom behaves much better after Kel told him the King's Own might make her get rid of him otherwise. So Kel can ride behind her knight-master and Peachblossom even takes up with Hoshi being his stable mate.

When Kel gains her shield and travels north to fight in the Scanran War Peachblossom behaves for Tobe and helps the Tortallans win Blayce the Gallan's castle.

Physical description

He is a strawberry roan small destrier with a dark chesnut mane, tail, socks, and nose, while his body is speckeled with white.


Notes and References

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