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The Pavilion of Delightful Pleasures is a very decorated part of the Grey Palace in Rajmuat of the Copper Isles. It is located along the Golden Road, the main road of the palace grounds. It is near the Throne Hall.


The pavilion is used for grand festivities[1], although not for important receptions and coronations—the Throne Hall is used for that. After welcoming the returning Balitang family from their exile in the Throne Hall, the court went to the Pavilion of Delightful Pleasures to enjoy refreshment and mingling[2].


It is decorated with white paint and gilt, which blazes against the background of trees of the palace grounds[1]. The main entrance was a grand porch that opened on to the Golden Road, and was strictly for guests or nobles—Alianne Crow knew better than to enter the building there[2].

The servants' gallery was separated from the rest of the building by a transparent screen, so servants could see if their employers needed anything. In 463 HE, the servants' gallery had been covered with nearly undetectable listening spells, placed there by the mages of the Chain in order to listen for Crown gossip.

In the main gallery, the walls were fashioned with pale marble and lined with large, arched open windows. Spells had been placed in order to keep insects and animals from coming in through the windows. In the main gallery, there was a raised dais, but no thrones. Chairs had been placed artfully throughout the gallery so people could sit and talk[2].

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