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Pathom Tourakom was a K'miri warrior who lived in the 5th Century HE. He was the older brother of Buriram Tourakom and was killed protecting the Saren queen, Kalasin, during her denouncement of the king and subsequent suicide on May 3rd, 438 HE. He and his family had served Kalasin's for generations.[1] In K'miri fashion, he took the last name of his mother, Thiratay, rather than his father, Susatahan. Pathom was a member of the K'miri Raadeh, and in honor of his sacrifice, he is named on the K'miri great holidays and has a horsehair burned for him each year in the Midwinter fires.[2] He and his mother were buried at the right and left hands of Kalasin, honored for keeping the Warlord's guards at bay so that she could tell everyone why she killed herself.[1]

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