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Parahan is a captive of Emperor Weishu, and was sold to the emperor by his uncle in a plot to seize power. Parahan and his twin sister, Soudamini, are Kombanpur royalty. He was a Kombanpur soldier before he was sold to the emperor, and is dark-skinned, tall, and broad. He moves with a fighter's grace, and is quite skilled in combat and battle strategy.

Battle Magic

Parahan first meets Briar Moss, Evumeimei Dingzai, and Rosethorn when they fist come to the Winter Palace as guests of the emperor. Parahan is imprisoned, and must remain either shackled or with guards at all times, but Weishu seems to enjoy his company in a twisted way. Parahan immediately likes the mages, and begins to form close bonds with all three of them, but especially with Evvy and her cats.

Evvy uses magic to set him free, with the grudging help of Briar. Both Parahan and Briar know that if the emperor discovers that it was them who set Parahan free, they would all pay in blood.

Later on, knowing that the emperor would expect him to actually flee the country to his won, Parahan travels with the group disguised as a beggar. Rosethorn, Briar, and Evvy are alerted to his presence when they see the strange beggar move with an unlikely grace.

Parahan is finally reunited with his sister Soudamini - Souda - when she and her army come to help Gyongxe in the battle with Yanjing.

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