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Becoming a Page is the first step in a person's training to become a Knight. Children typically begin page training at the age of ten. It lasts (at least) four years, after which the page becomes a squire.


A Tortallan page takes a variety of classes in academic subjects as well as combat. The workload is very heavy, especially since the punishment for missed homework is often extra homework. They take final exams each year, and at the end of the fourth year they take a cumulative set of exams called the "big examinations." Passing the big examinations is a requirement to become a squire. A page who fails or is late for the big examinations must repeat at least one year of training before trying again.

Reading and Writing

An important subject for the trainees, especially as many noblemen cannot read. They seem to cover all levels of literacy from the basics to long, complicated poems. The class is taught by a Mithran Priest.


Basic arithmetic is covered, as is algebra and possibly higher levels of math, useful for engineering projects such as building catapults. Alex of Tirragen was described as being a "mathematical wizard," and would help his fellow classmates in return for help with chores. Also taught by a Mithran Priest.


This a complicated class on courtly etiquette. Dancing, bowing and musical instruments are included on the curriculum. Alanna of Trebond did not like this class. Also taught by a Mithran Priest.

History of Tortall and Warfare

Taught by Sir Myles of Olau during the years 430-456 HE (and probably for at least a few years before and after this period). This class is a favorite among the students, who enjoy Sir Myles's teaching style. The Bazhir Wars are one of the topics on the curriculum. However, the classes tend to devolve into arguments about the Code of Chivalry.

Swordsmanship and Swordcraft

Before beginning to learn the art of swordsmanship (swordfighting), pages must learn to make a sword from scratch. From 431 HE, swordcraft was taught by Coram Smythesson. In the same period, swordfighting was taught by Captain Aram Sklaw who was known for being gruff and highly critical. Beginning swordfighting lessons are focused on drilling specific moves and combinations; free-form swordfighting is not introduced until later.


A class in which pages are taught to ride and care for their horses. Alanna of Trebond had trouble with this class at first because the horses were so big and difficult to control. It is assumed she improved after purchasing Moonlight.


Tilting, or jousting, was not taught prior to 447 HE as it had fallen out of style in tournaments. After Immortals were released into the Mortal Realms, jousting became an important skill to fight large immortals, and it was added to the pages' curriculum. Pages learn to tilt with dummy targets before jousting a human opponent.

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