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Ozorne Tasikhe
Emperor of Carthak
Style '
Start of Reign
Coronation Date
End of Reign
Tenure 442 - 451 HE
Regency Council
Heir Apparent
Heir Presumptive
Successor Kaddar Iliniat
King's Champion
Prime Minister
Bequeathed by
Date Bequeathed
Style '
Reigning Monarch
Liege Lord
Years of Service
Biographical Information
Birth Name
Maiden Name
Honorific '
Alias Emperor Mage
Born 422 HE[1]
Died 451 HE (transformed into Stormwing)
452 HE (truly killed)
Species Stormwing
Nationality Carthaki
Gift Emerald Green
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Family Information
Noble House Tasikhe family
Parents Apodan Tasikhe[2]
Princess Mahira[2]
Adoptive Parents
Siblings Princess Fazia
Adoptive Children
Other Family Emperor Mesaraz(paternal uncle)
Prince Mikrom(cousin)
Stiloit Tasikhe(cousin)
Qesan Tasikhe(cousin)
Kaddar Iliniat (nephew)
Animals Birds
Patron God
Rank Royalty - Imperial
Bazhir Tribe
K'miri Tribe
Sponsored by
Sponsor to
Training Master
Knight Master
Year Knighted
Affiliation Uusoae
Valmar Rittevon
Deniau Rittevon
Inar Hadensra
Military Affiliation
Military Branch
Squad Leader Sergeant
Rider Group Group
Provost's Guard
Guard District
Guard Watch
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned Wild Magic
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared Emperor Mage
Last Appeared Tempests and Slaughter
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned '

Ozorne Muhassin Tasikhe (pronounced oh-ZOHRN moo-HAHS-sihn tah-SEEK-hay), commonly known as the Emperor Mage, was the Emperor of Carthak from 442—451 HE[3]. Later he became a Stormwing[4] and died in the final battle of the Immortals War[5].


Early life

Ozorne was born in 422 HE as the son of Prince Apodan and his wife, Princess Mahira. His father was killed by Sirajit rebels in 433 HE, when Ozorne was eleven years of age.[6]


Before becoming emperor, Ozorne was recognized for his powerful Gift and attended the Imperial University of Carthak for magic. Ozorne became friends with a young Numair Salmalín, but later something occurred to cause a rift between them.[7] Arram was forced to flee under the alias Numair Salmalín. This angered Ozorne, who believed this to be betrayal. Ozorne was jealous of his old friend, now enemy's, more superior grasp on magic. He, unlike Numair, never achieved the coveted rank of black robe.

Lower Academy

Ozorne and Varice Kingsford were placed a few levels up when it was noted that they were more powerful than other students. Ozorne's power became apparent when he attempted to call a single bird to him, and accidentally called all the birds in the nearby area, until every tree and plant in the garden was covered in birds.[8]

His mother, Princess Mahira, did not approve of her son spending all his time with a girl. When Arram Draper was moved to bunk with him, he became fast friends with the ten-year-old.[8] Ozorne, Arram, and Varice took many classes together, becoming quite close. Since most of the other students ignored them, they only had each other. His love for birds also became quite apparent soon, and he, Arram, and Varice would often go to the menagerie to see the birds.[8]

His mother also forbade Ozorne from participating in a history class that covered the end of slavery in the Northern Lands. She referred to it as "seditious poison".[9] Later on, slavery became one of the points of contention between Prince Ozorne and Arram, with Ozorne supporting slavery and Arram against it.

Emperor of Carthak

Ozorne was crowned emperor of Carthak in 442 HE. A red star shone on the day of his coronation as emperor—an ill omen[10]. Ozorne ignored the warnings, and did everything he could to undermine the gods' power in Carthak. He made it so it was forbidden to show to much support to the gods, saying that if subjects needed something to worship, they could worship him. The great temples of Carthak received no more imperial attention, and soon became dirty and unkempt. To not offend the gods completely, Ozorne made it so these temples be attended, but just very low staffed. As emperor he also greatly encouraged the raiding and slave taking of his nearby countries, especially Tortall. Although few can actually trace the pirates back to Ozorne, it was common knowledge that he was aware of what was going on, and that he even sanctioned it.

Ozorne, even though he was especially cruel to humans, had a soft spot for birds and kept a menagerie of them, where he treated them very well. He had a number of other animals in his menagerie, and he also tried to treat them with the best care possible. The exception to this was the hyenas, as a prophecy had foretold that they would be his downfall.

His exhibit for immortals acted more like a prison than a menagerie. Animals were kept in tight cages, as they were immortal and didn't need food, water, or space to survive, and he didn't concern himself with their comfort. He kept two stormwings like this, his old enemies Barzha Razorwing and Hebakh Razorwing. They were believed to be dead by their allies, including Rikash Moonsword, until Veralidaine Sarrasri informed him otherwise.

The Tortallan Peace Delegation

Tensions were growing between Carthak and Tortall, and it was decided that peace negotiations were in order. This was especially because Carthaki "pirates" attacked Pirate's Swoop while Queen Thayet of Tortall was staying there with her children. A peace delegation was formed that included Gareth the Elder, Gareth the Younger, Martin of Meron, Alanna the Lioness, Numair Salmalín, and Daine the Wildmage. The latter was a part of the delegation as a peace offering from King Jonathan, who knew that Emperor Ozorne's birds were ill and also knew that Daine could probably heal them.

The Carthakis gave a luxurious welcome of the Tortallan peace delegation. It later became known by Daine that Ozorne used a simulacrum of himself to welcome them. He later met Daine as himself and brought her to heal his birds, inadvertently telling her that his simulacrum did not have the illusion of his magical Gift as that was impossible. Daine knew that Numair could do it, but kept that to herself. Daine became unsure of what to think of him, as she had heard so many bad stories from her human friends, but she couldn't really think ill of someone who had such a regard for his animals.

Ozorne had formed an alliance with the Stormwings who had, reportedly, killed the Razorwings, Jokhun Foulreek. When Rikash Moonsword heard from Daine that the Razorwings were imprisoned, he turned coat and gave Ozorne one of his metal feathers, saying that if the Emperor Mage ever needed it, he could use this on himself to provide assistance. Ozorne, who believed himself invincible at this point, replied coolly that he didn't think he would need to, but that he would keep the feather anyway.

Ozorne discovered that Numair had feelings for Daine when the Emperor alluded to a sexual relationship between the pair and Numair reacted violently. The Emperor Mage planned to kidnap Daine because her magic would do great things for his cause and realm, and to get back at Numair and lure him into his grasp for an execution. Daine was kidnapped, and a fake note from her revealed that she had gone underground to fight a rebellion against Ozorne. Using this as an excuse to start a war between Carthak and Tortall, Ozorne ordered Numair's public execution. In fact, he had executed Numair's simulacrum, created by Numair and Lindhall Reed, who had the illusion of Numair's Gift.

When Daine discovered this, she thought that Ozorne had executed the real Numair, as that was the belief of Prince Kaddar and Daine didn't know about the simulacrum Numair and his old teacher had created. She used the magic that the Graveyard Hag and the goddess' rats gave her to awaken the dinosaur skeletons in the museum and set about obliterating the capital in rage. She destroyed the palace and hunted down Ozorne with the hyenas, who also wanted to visit their revenge on the Emperor Mage.

Daine tracked down an exhausted and wounded Ozorne, and he used Rikash's feather on himself believing it would save him. Instead, it transformed him into a Stormwing. As Immortals cannot rule or govern Humans, he forfeited his claim to emperor. He also did not know how to use Stormwing magic. Although Queen Barza and Hebakh Razorwing vowed to kill him, Ozorne managed to escape into exile and ally himself with Uusoae, the Queen of Chaos.

His reign passed to his heir and nephew, Kaddar Iliniat.

Stormwing, the Immortals War

Ozorne was instrumental in Uusoae's plan to conquer the Divine and Mortal Realms. His desire for vengeance against Numair was the main driving force of his actions, and he also wanted to visit revenge on Daine Sarrasri, who had thwarted him before. In order to spy on key members of his opponents during the Immortals War, Ozorne created darkings. The darkings were small beings that were made of Stormwing magic and blood. They were virtually indestructible from all magic except perhaps that of the divine variety, were not detectible, and could communicate with each other from extremely far distances—even if one of them was in another realm.

In the final battle of the Immortals War, Ozorne planned to escape before anyone realized who he was. Daine noticed him flying away, changed herself into eagle shape, and pursued him. She faced him in a fight and won, killing him. This occurred in the summer of 452 HE[3], months before Keladry of Mindelan would begin her training for knighthood.

Physical Description

As a human, Ozorne had light skin, hazel eyes, brown hair, and was usually richly clad, wearing everything from golden braids to toe rings and gold face-paint. His light skin was a contrast to his heir presumptive, Kaddar, who pointed out that his mother was a lot lighter than his father.

When a Stormwing, he had the same face but sported a Stormwing body. His appearance mirrored that of Stormwings in that his hygiene and smell was awful and he was covered in filth.

Personality and Traits

Ozorne was widely known for his two-faced personality. He was infamously jealous, possessive, vengeful, and cruel. He had spies everywhere tracking the movements and behavior of his subjects, and had at least two of his heirs prior to Kaddar killed for being disrespectful.

In some ways Ozorne was very cultured, being well-educated and having a taste for exotic animals. He owned a variety of birds and a menagerie filled with mortal and immortal creatures alike. Although notoriously cruel to humans, he was outlandishly kind toward his animals and especially his birds, which were the jewel of his collection.


Note that books and series are listed by publication date, and not the chronological timeframe of the Tortallan Universe.


He is based on Ozzy Ozborne.[11]


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