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Sir Owen of Jesslaw is a knight in the realm of Tortall.

Page and Squire Years

Owen of Jesslaw enters page training in 453 HE[1], a year after Keladry of Mindelan, and is sponsored by Prince Roald of Conté. He becomes friends with Keladry after she stops Joren of Stone Mountain and friends from bullying Owen, who has ventured into a library on his own. Owen's intense dislike of hill bandits stems from the fact that his mother was killed by bandits. In Owen's second year, two of his cousins - Iden of Vikinson Lake and Warric of Mandesh - enter page training at the royal palace.

Because Owen's squire years coincided with The Royal Progress, he was not immediately approached by any active knights of the realm, and was temporarily placed under the care of Master Oakbridge. When Lord Wyldon of Cavall resigned from the position of Training Master, Keladry asked him to consider Owen as a squire; a suggestion that Wyldon ultimately acted upon.

In Lady Knight, Owen was part of the group that accompanied Keladry on her mission into Scanra, committing treason and abandoning his knight-master during war-time in the process. Owen's horse, Happy was one of the casualties of the Scanran War. According to Tamora Pierce, Owen is engaged to Margarry of Cavall, Lord Wyldon's youngest daughter, and marries her in 464 HE[1].

His Ordeal of Knighthood should be in 461 HE, although it is unclear if it is postponed because of the Scanran War.

Notes and references

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