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Oswin Forest was an inhabitant of Moharrin village on Starns. He was very useful for his village because, although not being a mage, he was very knowledgeable through his habit to study what mages do to help the magic along and then putting it to practical use without magic. That's why the whole island of Starns didn't have to send for foreign mages for a long time.[1] Oswin also sheltered orphans left parentless by the cleaning out of the pirates. Because there were quite a few of those children food was always welcome in his household and people who came to him with problems that needed fixing normally paid him with food. Two of the children living with Oswin were Nory and Treak.[2]

When dedicates Myrrhtide and Rosethorn arrived along with Evumeimei Dingzai and Luvo headwoman Azaze sent Oswin to meet them at the harbor and accompany them to Moharrin.

Oswin only appears in Melting Stones so far.

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