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Osgyth Yoav was a Senior Guardswoman in the Lower City of Corus during Rebakah Cooper's time. Her partner was Nyler Jewel and they were one of the best pairs in the Lower City.

Yoav and Jewel were set on the investigation of the murder of Rolond Lofts in April of 246 HE, but as Yoav held a grudge against his great-grandfather, Crookshank, they didn't put too much work in it. The reason for her grudge against Crookshank was the suicide of her sister, who had hung herself after being sold as a slave by her husband who saw no alternative to pay his debts with Crookshank.[1]

In the following year Jewel and Yoav were part of the initial investigation concerning the false coins that had appeared in Corus.[2]

She appeared Terrier, Bloodhound, and Mastiff.

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