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King Oron Rittevon was King of the Copper Isles. He was very paranoid and said to be insane. He had three of his wives executed, and had executed at least one of his sons, Prince Hanoren and made him an Example to all.

He had the Balitang family exiled because he claimed that there were treasonous things and whisperings going on under their roof. He ordered them to give him very expensive monetary gifts in order to convince him of their loyalty and devotion. Even with the new gifts of money, he still didn't feel safe and he exiled them from Rajmuat, the capital, to Tanair on Lombyn Island. Alianne of Pirate's Swoop was amused as even though everyone thought Oron was mad, his ravings were still quite on point. This was especially so when it came to the Balitangs, who unknowingly housed key members of the Raka Conspiracy, whose goal it was to restore a queen of the Haiming Dynasty to the throne.


Oron had several children from at least three wives:

  • Hazarin Rittevon, briefly succeeded him in Trickster's Choice
  • Imajane Rittevon Jimajen, passed over due to being a daughter; wife of Rubinyan Jimajen
  • Dunevon Rittevon, succeeded his half-brother Hazarin and was briefly a boy-king during Trickster's Choice and Trickster's Queen
  • Hanoren Rittevon, mentioned in Trickster's Choice, full brother of Hazarin
  • Valmar Rittevon, third son, mentioned in The Realms of the Gods as a Copper Isles general and pawn of Uusoae
  • Deniau Rittevon, high admiral of the Copper Isles fleet during the Immortals War and pawn of Uusoae
  • Veranine and Elspetra, sisters of Imajane (not mentioned in the text)
  • Gordaina, sister of Hazarin and Hanoren (not mentioned in the text)

There is conflicting information about Josiane Rittevon; she is mentioned separately both as his daughter and his niece, and her parentage is still under speculation.

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