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The Olorun River, also referred to as the River Olorun[1] (pronounced OH-loh-runn) flows through the heartland of Tortall. It feeds into the Emerald Ocean, presumably starting from [[Lake Tirragen]. It passes through Corus and Port Caynn. Between Corus and Port Caynn there is a broad open basin called the Little Lake[2]. Near its beginning, the Olorun joins with the River Tirragen to become the main river[3].

Use and importance

The Olorun is a very important water body in Tortall, as it is used as a water way for transporting goods and for travel. It connected the country's largest port with the capital. Passenger ships as well as those carrying goods used the river. There were also fishing boats and even vendors of food, cloth and other goods.[4] One of the boats sailing between both cities was the Green Mist.

After he received the first reports from Beka and Goodwin Gershom of Haryse sent a large group of Dogs to Lurker's Point on the Olorun River to be ready to act fast if need be.[5]

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