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Olau is a barony in the northern regions of Tortall. It is situated near the Great Road North south of Trebond and north of Port Caynn, not far away from the city.

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In the past silver had been mined in the coastal hills of Olau. The mines were abanoned, however, and Hansevor Remy, who was born and raised in a town of Olau, discovered a mine which silver still could be found. He supplied Pearl Skinner with the silver and she produced false coins out of it, greatly damaging Tortallan's economy.[1]

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Known members of the barony include Myles of Olau, who is the baron and has no children of his own, although he is married to Eleni Cooper by now. That's why he adopted Alanna of Trebond to be his heiress.[2] Her oldest son, Thom of Pirate's Swoop won't only inherit Pirate's Swoop but also Olau with the younger son Alan of Pirate's Swoop being allowed to live on either lands.[3]

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